Which safari animal are you?

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Animals are what you'd call living majesty. My favorite animals are safari animals. The wildness of them is so amazing and they're all unique in their own special way.

Have you ever been on a safari? If you have, you know the characteristics of those wonderful animals. Have you ever wondered which safari animal you're closest to? You don't need to let that thought nag at the back of your mind anymore, take this quiz!

Created by: Mallorie

  1. Do you like staying up late at night?
  2. Do you get sunburnt easily?
  3. How smart are you?
  4. Which part of your body is the strongest?
  5. Which of these best describes you?
  6. Which of these least describes you?
  7. Which of these do you prefer?
  8. Are you independent?
  9. Do you like hanging in large or small groups?
  10. Which of these do you prefer?
  11. Are you a picky eater?

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Quiz topic: Which safari animal am I?