How Dutch are you???

Holland isn't a big country, but there do live 16 million people in there. There are not much real Dutch people left. People that like Holland and wear wooden shoes. There aren't much mills left too.

Are you Dutch??? I don't mean living in Holland, but being REALLY Dutch. Do you want to know?? Well, keep staring in your computer screen and finish this quiz!!

Created by: Rozanne Tiggelman

  1. Do you wear wooden shoes sometimes??
  2. Do you complain about the weather a lot??
  3. are you a farmer??
  4. do you like soccer??
  5. do you like your country??
  6. Do you like the German??
  7. why are you taking this quiz???
  8. viva...
  9. you want a beer??
  10. you like french fries??

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Quiz topic: How Dutch am I???