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Hey i hope you like this one. It has Dutch and Hebrew in it. It will have more happing in the next!!!!!! So I hope you like it! 'It will be your friend, as well as end times' Well please read the next one the find out will those words really mean. Sorry about the Greek, Dutch and Hebrew

'It will be your friend, as well as end times' Well please read the next one the find out will those words really mean. Sorry about the Greek, Dutch and Hebrew

Created by: singin234
  1. Recap: I left you where Fred burst into flames while telling you something very important.
  2. I was shocked how Fred just burst into flames; I turn to Aura to see if she was seeing what I was. One the floor was a pile of dust. "Is he dead" Aura asked shaking a little. I bent down to touch the pile of dust "don't touch it" Drew warned me. I sat on the bed "I can't believe this" I told them, "No, Fred he is..." I trailed off "Dead" Drew finished for me. I nodded and put my hands in front of me, "what now, because I sure don't feel like pizza" I asked them keeping my eye on the pile of ashes. We just all looked at the ashes until there was a knock on the window.
  3. I jumped and garbed hold of Drew who I knew was silently enjoying it. Aura was holding me, we were like a train. Where did I get that idea? I looked at the window and it was opening all by itself "Is that normal" I asked Drew pointing to the window. He shrugged "Maybe" he told us, he wasn't much help. "Oh dam you Drew" Aura cursed. I felt like slapping them both, I might as well do this on my own. I thought standing up; I slowly walked over to the window. Then out of nowhere someone appeared. "Ahhh" we both screamed and I fell onto my butt as he knocked me over. "Ouch" I said as I looked up. He had green eyes that made me think of the grass and blond hair. "Who are you" he asked me standing back. "Who are you" I asked jumping up onto my feet. I looked over at Drew and Aura who were both staring at me. "Alex, is that you" Drew asked the guy walking over to me. The guy laughed "yeah, how are you bud" He said.
  4. "Wait you know him" Aura chimed in for once. Aura waked over to me and stood behind me. Alex laughed "yeah we go way back, why you got these girls" Alex asked Drew winking at me. I started to feel unwell and I looked back at the dust. Then Drew said "Fred nu nog gedood door grot" Alex looked at the pile of dust. "Wait Fred now killed by cave, who is that" I asked Drew. Drew looked at me weirdly "You speak Dutch" He asked me impressed. "Yeah you speak Dutch, since when" Aura asked me. I thought Drew had just spoken English, somehow I understood it. "Since now" I told them looked at Alex's shoes
  5. "Your fun" Alex said, I looked up to see him smiling. "I am coming with you people, what you guys doing" Alex asked us. Everyone looked at me "Finding my father" I told them looking Alex in the eye. "What about school, it's our last day..." Aura trailed off, "yeah stuff it, but next year we are not stuffing it" Aura told us. I laughed and then Drew asked "how many weeks do we have" I looked out the window, "Five weeks and one day" I responded. Then Aura busted out "wait, Steve has to come with us. I am not leaving him behind" Alex whispered in my ear "Who is Steve" I laughed "her boyfriend"
  6. "Oh, lucky I wanted you anyway" Alex said winking at me. I blush a little then turned away "whatever" I said in a mean tone. Alex laughs "sure, you can't resist me" He told me. "I can so" I argued with him. Drew sighed; he was standing there just watching. Aura was talking on the phone and Alex and I were arguing. "Oh this is going to a long five weeks and a day" He said to himself.
  7. "I think we should all go to bed" Drew suggested making a silence. "I agree, Alex is making my head ach. So where are we sleeping" I asked Drew pointing to Alex who was crossing his arms. Drew looked at the bed "Well we are going to have to share this bed" He told us. "Shot gun middle" I told them. Aura laughed "I am sticking with the floor, so three in the bed and one on the floor" I looked at Alex and Drew. I blushed and murmured to myself "Oh please save me someone" Then Alex said "Shot gun wall"
  8. (Me: Nothing happens you just sleep. This is for the people that are weird about it) *In the middle of the night* Lucky Aura, she got the floor. While I am stuck in the middle of two sleeping guys that sore. Alex mumbles in his sleep and somehow vampires sleep. I guess Drew was tried; he looks so cute when he sleeps. "___," Alex is mumbling. Oh he knows my name, great. "×™×”×™×” חבר שלך, טוב כמו פעמים בסוף" He mumbled in Hebrew. I knew what it meant; this does not make sense at all!
  9. I was shocked and I closed my eyes and remembered the words he said
  10. darkness, It will be your friend, as well as end times

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