How PA Dutch are you?

People from PA Dutch Country have a very enriching culture. Hex signs, distelfinks, Green Dragon, home-brewed root beer, and of course, birch beer!! In addition to many major stores, we have little shops of our own. And most locals know where to get the best, not the most corporate.

So how PA Dutch are you? Do you know about the LTZ? Manheim? Akron? Ephrata? Lititz Landmarks? Lancaster Culture? Do you know where to get the best ice cream? Take the quiz and find out!!!

Created by: bella
  1. Do you know how to cook without butter?
  2. Do you leave for work 30 mins earlier on a Sunday morning/night to account for getting stuck behind a buggy?
  3. Do you know what a hex sign is? Or a distelfink?
  4. Standard field trips were the Renaissance Faire, Philly Zoo, Hershey Park, and Gettysburg Battlefield.
  5. You avoided Lititz Springs Park's Fourth of July celebration at ALL costs.
  6. You absolutely can't understand why people from Delaware and Jersey want to come to boring ol' PA Dutch Country as a vacation.
  7. If your friend called and asked if you were all gonna meet at the Chameleon, what are they talking about?
  8. What is Overlook?
  9. Do you know what a nickname for Lititz is?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a place in Lititz circa 2000?
  11. Did you say Laserdome on that last answer?
  12. Ever been to Speedwell?
  13. Who provides most of the cable in the Lititz/Ephrata/Manheim area?
  14. What is the Red Rose City? The White Rose City?
  15. Dairy Queen or Freeze n Frizz?
  16. What's Weis?

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Quiz topic: How PA Dutch am I?