are u country or a city girl?

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u love technology and electronics and loves to go shopping with friends at the mall full with shoes, purses, shoes, dresses, home decor, bedroom stuff, supplies

that loves the country and feel freedom and love horses and how fast can they run. its beautiful watching watching wild large horses running on a hill full of meadows

Created by: emersen

  1. do u ever want to have your own farm? (horses,pigs,goats,cows,etc.)
  2. do you like pop music or country music?
  3. are u an indoor person or an outdoor person?
  4. are you a shopper or a horse rider?
  5. do u ever travel?
  6. do u like large animals "livestock"?
  7. do u think animals are mean to you sometimes?
  8. do you like to watch cowgirls doing (barrel racing, cross country, etc.)
  9. do you like neil diamond?
  10. do u ever feel freedom?

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