How Cool Are You (on MY scale) new and improved

hey we all know that im a pretty cool person lol. i (you probly dont know me so im just saying this and if you do just bear through it) may not b super popular girl but you know what? im happy with my friends so this test is to see how cool i think you and how much fun you really have.

this quiz is different than other cool quizs. its not based on how popular you are, or what kind of clothes you wear. its based on your personality and how fun you really are because if your popular but dont have a personality then its not funkifulicious at all. but all in all, GOOD LUCK! oh and btw, this quiz is mainly 4 tweens and teens

Created by: Olivia

  1. your FAV word ever is
  2. you hang out with
  3. ok heres 1 i just had 2 know: whats ur fav food? it better b good lol
  4. whats your fav color???
  5. whaddya think bout school?
  6. how many friends do u have?(answer truthfully)
  7. how are you on boy/girlfriends?
  8. swedish meatballs and swiss cheese go good 2gether =p
  9. where do you spend most of your time?
  10. john-jacob-jiggleheimer-smith...
  11. what kinda music do u listen 2?
  12. umm yeah im kinda running outa ?s

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Quiz topic: How Cool am I (on MY scale) new and improved