how cool are you (on MY scale)

you all know that in like the coolest person youll ever meet. well youll never b just as cool but if u take this quiz you can see just how close you might be. if ur not close, oops 2 bad

ok, if your still reading just take the quiz. now stop before i make your rating an automatic z-e-r-o zero :O. thats right, im so cool that i have control over the computer!

Created by: blah!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your fav word is
  2. you hang out w/
  3. fav food
  4. whats your fav color (check out my color quiz "what color are you???")
  5. whaddya think bout school
  6. how many friends do u have
  7. where do u spend most of ur time
  8. how are u on boy/girlfriends
  9. swedish meatballs and swiss cheese go good together :p
  10. John-Jacob-Jigglehiemer-Smith...
  11. um yeah... im kinda running outa Qs

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Quiz topic: How cool am I (on MY scale)