How Christian Are You?

In the united states, there are many different religions based on Christs teachings. All of them say they're in the right, but what really makes a true Christian? The amount you put in the collection plate? The size of your church?

So are you a good Christian? Just knowing the Bible from cover to cover doesn't suffice if you don't understand the philosophy inside. Otherwise it's just a book that takes up space in your room, on your shelf. You have to live the principles taught by Jesus Christ.

Created by: poet_demas of DemasDementia
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  1. What sort of car do you drive?
  2. Someone walks up to you at a bar and punches you, you...
  3. The September 11th attacks were
  4. How often do you drink?
  5. You win the lottery, you
  6. Jesus said what
  7. Osama bin laden deserves to
  8. Homosexuals will
  9. Where do you stand on the issue of sex?
  10. What religion do you belong to?
  11. Jesus was....

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Quiz topic: How Christian am I?