How charming do you think you are? ( guys)

Do you think you are charming? Most girls think its a turn off if you are not. most guys doubt themselves into being charming but take the quiz to find out! You can still take the quiz even if you do not have a girlfriend. Recomended for guys.

Do YOU have what it takes to be charming? Find out more when taking this quiz. Remember to rate and comment on this quiz when you are done so I know if this is any good.

Created by: Hannah (:
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  1. Where do you go on your first date?
  2. What would you do if she put her head on your chest?
  3. Would you ever kiss your woman on the first date?
  4. If you would pick a season to propose, what wiuld it be?
  5. What type of girl would you date
  6. What kind of sport do you play. ( if any)
  7. Would you force your girlfriend to do anything?
  8. In a fairy tale, which character would you want to be if your girlfriend was the princess
  9. How much would you spend on your girl
  10. would you do everything she tells you to do

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Quiz topic: How charming do I think you are? ( guys)