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  • you are the type of person that can read a novel in a matter of days, can give the dictionary definition to a word, and are the smartest person out of all your friends.

    I got "king of nerds." So, girls can't be nerds? I am a girl, and obviously a major nerd/geek. I'm wearing yoga pants and a brown jacket covered in tree bark from when I wanted to read whilst sitting in a tree.

    I'm not that smart, failing Algebra{badly.} Ughh.

  • I am yet another King of Nerds :). Yeah, I read constantly, and I'm more likely to go to the library than go to a party.

  • Hahaha! Queen of the Nerds! Oh, and the thing about books, I can read some in a matter of HOURS. Not days, hours.

    elf maiden
  • This quiz sucked in my oppinion. Didn't have enough true nerd stuff in it.Only the outer shell.

    The Geek
  • i dunno.. am i really nerdy??

  • Another King of nerds!!! oh yeah!.....

  • I'm the king of nerds! lol!


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