Hopefully, this works

This Is Serious!! Im going to break my computer out of ANGER! Or worse. Ill break GoToQuiz. Now, i threaten the community! But no, Im serious. Im pretty pissed.

Soooo yeah, i know your all annoyed of me.. Oh well I think Im cool soo youre all kind of stuck with me :D Ahahah no but this is a serious matter. I tried wattpad and I dont like it..

Created by: ilyvolleyball
  1. Okayy so, I made a remake of my St. Vladimirs the exact thing with a new name. It still didnt show up.
  2. I think, the problem may be how long the questions are. Im going to split them up and try that.
  3. I pretty much made this to inform everyone it will be out. I want it to be successful so.. Tell your friends and whatnot. Please?
  4. So, It will be called: Vampire Academy. ~Love Story~ Please check it out. I know im annoying but still.
  5. Mmkayy soo hopefully this works or ill have to kill myself. Because GTQ hates me. For no reason.
  6. Okayy now for the Advertising part. First, Facebook Page. I made a facebook page and dont have any likes really so please like it? The name is lame and its not about Temple Run. Its: Yeah, I still Play Temple Run, So?
  7. Second, s(HE) be(LIE)ve(D), my second quiz series I started. its really good so please try it. Im working hard to post part 3 and it should be up soon.
  8. Third, Im making a Hunger Games story with the help of another GTQ user. Ive decided on @Loony Luna because she was first to volunteer and I want to get started soon (: More details are in my quiz: The Hunger Games! So check that out.
  9. Alrighty! Thanks! XOXO!
  10. Buh bye!

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