A smidgen of Revenge: The finale!

Hey people! Okay, quick heads up. This is the end of this series. I know I JUST started it, but I was already planning on making it pretty short. If you enjoyed this one, let me know. I might make a sequel.

That girl everyone made fun of in school? She's me. That person everyone wishes would just burn in hell? She's me too. That girl you just wanna kill and bring back to life -- just so you can kill her again? She's me as well, but I don't mind. While your heart is frozen stiff -- I atleast know mine works. Because each insult you throw my way causes my heart to break a little each time.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Charleys pov***Dear My Greek God,Each moment we spent together seemed to prove we wouldn't be together forever. Everytime we'd try to talk -- something would come up. We were always on the run, and there was no escape for us. Our love is short -- and I know our time together is running out. I hope you find yourself a good girl to spoil you properly. By the time you read this L, I hope to be far from you. Miss you tons and tons baby boy. Love, Charley.
  2. As I sat the letter down on his windshield -- inbetween the wipers -- I quietly scampered off into the wilderness, my heart racing as I feared his reaction. I mean, we killed people to be together, and here I go fearing what will happen to us.
  3. ***Coles pov***She left me. She didn't want me anymore. Scared of the freakin police, what the crap was she thinking? That we could just kill people and still live normal lives? No. This is some G-rated children's tv show -- this is real life. And sometimes in life, you have to risk a little to gain a lot. " I'm coming Charley."
  4. I quickly searched around, hoping she hadn't traveled too far -- and knowing her, she probably didn't. She's definitely not the fastest runner due to a heart condition she has. " Oh god," I whispered aloud, the thought of her having a heart attack all by herself scarring me. " CHARLEY! CHARLEY!" I screeched as I cupped my hands around my mouth. No answer. Dang it!
  5. ***Charleys pov ***My eyes began to burn as I fell face first into a pile of old burnt leaves -- the harsh smell burning my lungs as I let out ragged breaths. Oh my gosh, I'm going to die. " CHARLEY!" Coles voice cried out over the roaring sound of the river just mere inches away. " Cole?!" I whispered before blacking out.
  6. ***Cole ***" Cole?!" her weak voice cried out over the roaring sound of the river just mere inches away. My eyes wandering around, I let out a low gasp as I spotted her unconscious body resting just over the river. Was she.... was she trying to kill herself?
  7. ***narrators pov ***As he began to walk over to her limp body, a siren cried out in the night. They were on their way. " Charley," he whispered into her numb ear, giving her arm a gentle shake. " Charley. Baby, wake up. They're here. They're going to take us away if you don't wake up!" he frantically whispered. Tears were now streaming down his cheeks as she stayed unconscious. He knew what he had to do.
  8. Taking her into his arms, he pressed her stiff body against his lean muscles as he carried her throughout the woods, closer to the river. " I love you babe." he whispered into her ear one last time -- but this time..... " I love you too, my Greek god." she whispered.
  9. His eyes went wide as he saw her large brown eyes flutter open, and without a warning, he leaned over and pressed his smooth lips against hers. Fireworks practically went off as they gave each other one last kiss -- or so it seemed.
  10. Just as they began to pull away a sudden stomping of feet began to sound out around them. " This is the police, we have you surrounded.".....
  11. ***THE END ***Btw, your ending is in the results! Hope you enjoyed this quiz lol

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