Honors & The beginning of quiz series (PuffBall)

DO NOT FRIGGGY READ: . So tell me in the comment *or at least think about it* Who or what did it? I love you all, please comment so you could brag about your quiz series that I didn't put up here and I would gladly read over summer. Thank you all for being part of the gotoquiz family and just living your life. At least some part insane, I mean... What's the point of life if you don't live it? Thank you.

ok just don't read up there ^ ok? thanks! Of course my name is PuffBall! THE QUEEN OF PARTY ROCKING! You may know me or you may know me very well! Thanks!

Created by: PuffBall

  1. You people should be thinking: "What the heck is this?" or "Oh brother another one of these!" well, too bad because this is not what you think! It's an incredible list of Honors and you might be one of them. Also, at the end of this quiz (the last question), there will be a history. The FIRST quiz series. But before we go on I would like to ask you two things. First: You must read it ALL, well please! Your name might be in there and I want you to read it! Second: PLEASE READ IT ALL! At least read the others also! *Puppy dog eyes* Ok and if you're not on here, please brag about your quiz so I could look it up... please.
  2. And again, before we go on I would like to thank everyone who is reading, thank you. Oh and always party rock. *smiles* isn't that the point of life... Right? *party rocks* Again, people you must hail the dancing and party rocking queen: PUFFBALL!... *mumbles* and also angelica, the princes.. *rolls eyes* Ok, now let's get this party started! *Turns to the DJ* TURN ON THE MUSIC! *Looks around for Jayden and spots him, walks up to him* Hey babe, I'm sorry but look at my awesome dancing, well of course, not you lame ones. Laughing out loud, or should I say chuckling. Pshhhh, never mind. Ok people; please proceed on the next paragraphs to starts. And again, thank you. Thank you so much.
  3. Ok again BEFORE WE GO ON...I ALSO would like to say to everyone some things! Guess what people? SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER! So congratulations for all of you people and keep on reading! (writing please... must have more parts and quiz series....jk jk) AND THE 2012 OYLIMPICS ARE COMING IN JULY!!! *cheers* yay! :3 and my birthday in June... hehehehehe! What about you people who have summer birthdays? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hmmmm anything else.... Well there are two sequels coming out in the next year of Shatter Me the book... *sighs* Well I'm going to Florida suckers and Hawaiian Falls. Or maybe Europe to visit family? Or maybe Venezuela to visited family too? Or maybe California... oh I'm just blabbing my mouth again! *raises up glass* Cheers for summer, right? *grins*
  4. First up, xX3mo_Ang3lXx! Do you people remember her? I don't think she is on here anymore. She started off with the Scary Love series and then to UnNoticed, and into UnWanted. A few people (or maybe I'm so incorrect) remember her, well, maybe. She was a true writer and a true friend. I guess some people get off from this, and forget. Oh I remember the tear that ran down my face when she ended UnWanted series. *sighs* I really would love to treasure that moment, but now only a glimpse of that memory holds inside me. So give a looooong thank you for her. *sniffles* ok please go to the next one, it's just too much!
  5. Ok next stop; Dannica. Oh goodness! At the end of Someone Special I was freaking out! And then *time passes* THE BEAUTIFUL SERIES CAME OUT! Dang, I don't even know how that girl does it! I mean seriously, some intense imagination she got there. Not to mention a some others I know of in this. I mean, seriously, whoa. Ok, let's put up a vote, who wants Alex? *VERY LOUD CHEERS* *smiles* Now, what about Chris? *Cheers, but not as LOUD as for Alex* then the choice is made! ALEX BABY UR MINE!....... ok maybe Jayden more.... Ugh I hate this!
  6. *clears throught* ok ok, now this is for... *drum roll* _ViolaLover_ ... ok when I always searh for this girl on the search button to see if she did some series that I missed... I typed Viola_Lover! What the heck is wrong with PuffBall! When I first read Magical Love I was like, ok am I going crazy? And then 4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, and 1 world to save, I was like, this girl works for nothing...Viola, if your reading this pathetic thank you, I would like to let u know, U ARE WEIRD! :3 in a good way, Because weird comes in different levels, and everyone on Gotoquiz.com is weird. And insane.... But I'm the majesty of insanity... but in a good way. Oh yea and snake's POV... dude, ur a master of the mind.
  7. Calypso1315, I love the Percy Jackson series! I was like, HELLLLLLPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEE PEOPPPPPLEEEEEEEEEE PLEAAAASEEEE IM STANDED ONNNN THIS CLIFFHANGER 1!!!!!!!!!! :( nobody came looking! U PEOPLE ARE SELFISH! What will happen to Violet, what will happen to me? Will I fall, or will I be saved! Bum Da Bum Bummmmmm! Tis!
  8. He wuz up AZY! Or should I say... PANDA!!!!! Jk jk, I'm sorry, I just went to your web thing and it said: last comment; CALL ME PANDA! :3 ..... sorry... don't worry.. during the summer I'm going to read your series but for now I have A LOT to do. ^_^ oh brother! I love your comments... hehehhe ok ok... I should go on with the next one.
  9. *Shakes head* Now, now, now, what did you do, Firey_Soul, this time? Did you set the principles office on fire, or are you killing me now from this wait ending? I LOVE YOUR SERIES!... yes, I am a fan, so deal with it! Gosh! You are so judgmental. By the way, I love JACE! And three other guys in other quiz series, but, yea. Oh I am so sad. I might as well come to...
  10. Anastasia! I don't think Anastasia is on here anymore. Oh well, I loved her The Three Princes quiz series... I have nothing else because I don't think people remember you. So here I move on to: Horseluver! Do you know her! Oh her series are interesting! I wonder how she is doing! Oh never mind her, I should be moving on because I have no more time... ugh TIME!
  11. I hate you _celloplayer_, your making me wait for soooooo long! I still love you but... gosh it's been 34 days since you advanced and I didn't say... CONGRADULATIONS! XD Now for the next one people, because I don't want to ruin your time! ELEMENTLE LOVE ALL THE WAY!
  12. HI! HogwartsLove! I don't really know you that much, but I heard great things about you... and ... *looks down on the ground and scrunches up nose* I'm sorry I won't be able to read your series till summer... it's just so, long, and so many others to read... BUT THANK YOU! Thank you for being such a good friend to everyone... well I guess
  13. Welll hello AquaWinter, how are you doing? I'm fine thank you! "˜Awesome you talk like a girl'? what? ???? ok that was just creepy! Jk jk! XD ok I should be heading on to... angelic4! ... hey hey whats up angie! ... well Angalica! Hehehe :) sorry
  14. HAVE A NICE SUMMER AddiBabyy! Do you people remember her? She was the creator of LA Summer Love! REMEMBER! *pouts* you people remember right? Oh well now let's head to Fairygal! I mean, seriously. SHE IS MY IDOL! Fairygal has amazing writing by the way! My tears are for all of you!
  15. Samantha2332 tonight, tonight! Makes me laugh all the time! Oh and NEVER FORGET xxblutixx! Oh how much I love her! Oh my goodness! I LOVE HER! .... Ok that sounded wrong! Well not to me but to some of you sick headed people.... Ok not sick but weird. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN ABOUT UNICORNS! Oh and don't leave me hanging!
  16. Hey does anyone know about Crazegirl23? Oh how much I love her series and POV! Oh and what about the author of "˜It Began Around Midnight...' oh such an amazing story! .... Do ANY of you remember?
  17. Oh but of course I will NEVER forget about Cometlight! NO! That girl is just some human! Well writer, well supernatural.... BUT JAYDEN IS ALL MINE! Did I sound creepy? Oh I better not! If your reading I would like to let you know... THAT I LOVE YOUR SERIES! AND I LOVE YOU! ... and I don't care it sounded very weird! But your unforgotten but I will unforgive you because of how you almost made my throw this computer on the wall when you made Jayden (MY JAYDEN) say those words! I LOVE HIM!
  18. Oh how could anyone forget about TheRecklessBam? I love you too reckless.... But your so reckless that you pushed me over the cliff and I'm hanging on only one weak branch! MAKE THE NEXT ONE QUICK! Which mean; I
  19. Hey DaughterOfApollo, how is it going? Good fine. Because I have nothing else to say of how lightening girl struck me. Oh and what about my dear 54packers? I have nothing else to say to you both on how brilliant writing you both have! I love you both also.
  20. What about natuhleegayle and WTF_NINJA. I mean, what is wrong with your names?! :O every time I read one of your comments WTF_NINJA, I ALWAYS say wtf in my head and I'm like; O.O. and what about you natuhleegayle, I don't even know how you got that name! If it's your last name then.... O.O my apologies but seriously whoa. Were you born in a gibberish country?
  21. *slaps Aria* what is wrong with you and your *slaps again* KINDNESS! You're so so very sweet! Oh I don't even want to start! And you! *turns to Missy Prissy Cat* WHAT IS WRONG WITH BOTH OF YOU! YOU BOTH MUST BE ANGELS FROM THE SKY... *mumbles* grrrrrrr....
  22. Oh Teresa22, Teresa22! We all need to give love a shot. But your will ruin that dream of mine if you kill everyone in your story! Even Mitchele....ugh!
  23. Oh my goodness and singin234?! Oh gosh this is too much! Oh and also takos rule, and RoCKItOuT!
  24. And lastly but not least! The authors of Black Rose Part 1 and The Cause series! Both of you are wonderful authors..... and amen... oh and THANK YOU ALL! :)
  25. Oh forgotten about Ardeo9999 already! Woooops!
  26. And now for the long (short) honor for one more and history of it all!
  27. Here it is: First of all I just want to let EVERYONE know about my random discovery! There are many, many levels! The first main one are, Novice, Newbie, Junior, Experienced, Advanced, (someword too long for me to remember), ...., and then Hot shot? I guess but whatever now back to it now! Now here is the surprise! I tricked you! Well kinda! It would take forever (double infinity) to find who started these quizzes! I know that it was before 2009 of course, and I drag you here down today to make you ask yourself, who was the one you inspired to make your quizzes, or got into gotoquiz. I will share mine ... Now, here it is; it was this story that had 60 something parts, and was about a girl to make a decision about kissing just ONE guy that is supernatural, because if SHE kisses one of them, they are tied. (she is very special) You know why? Because she hold power. And she needs to pick one because if.. well never mind, the thing is that... I don't remember the name nor the author, but there is three things I remember; 1. It was very beautifully written 2. It tied me to gotoquiz and my lovely friendship with all of you 3. It made me love reading. Writing... it made me imagine again. I love it, and set me in the right track of reading... I love books. And I've became wiser than ever. So tell me in the comment *or at least think about it* Who or what did it? I love you all, please comment so you could brag about your quiz series that I didn't put up here and I would gladly read over summer. Thank you all for being part of the gotoquiz family and just living your life. At least some part insane, I mean... What's the point of life if you don't live it?
  28. Thank you.

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