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  • (Jayden: *steps in and looks around* Okay first things first, Why must you torture me with the dance moves!?!?! *regains composure* Second it is not my fault that I said those words. Comet made me and has forbidden me from falling for any of you guys. Me: Wth Jayden? I did not forbid you it's in the plot! I can't change it and I did not force you to say those words, I just simply typed them. Jayden: Liar. Me: -_- No I'm not a liar now leave. Jayden: *growls* No. *grabs plate of chili cheese fries and sit down* Don't mind me just continue on what you were going to say. Me: *facepalms*)

    Oka y now that the little incident is over I have a few things to say. A lot of these recognized writers I know and adore their work. Second all I remember on how I found out about gotoquiz was when I was google searching random things and then I found some quiz. Turned out to be Timeless Love and that was the very first series I have ever read on here. This was like a year or two ago. Third, wait what!?! Hold up. Your saying that you might come to California, I live in C.A! If you do come man I have no idea what I would do. If you do go what city are you going to? Fourth I have a sad announcement. I won't have internet access during the summer which means I won't be able to type up any of my series for about almost 2 months maybe more but I'm not sure yet. That's why I'm trying to finish up The Unforgiven and Unforgotten and then work on the second part More That Meets The Eye. Also thank you for including me in this PuffBall I was smiling through and through this quiz, especially when you said you almost threw your computer at the wall. Well I got to go, see you guys around. Peace out.

  • @puffball Okay, this has to be THE most entertaining shoutout quiz ever made. Thanks so much for mentioning me, and yeah, I know I'm weird. But where's the fun in being normal?! But something I didn't get- you said " Oh yea and snakes POV dude, ur a master of the mind." I don't understand...snake' s POV? Am I just having a hard time remembering what I wrote? If so, I feel dumb =P And I DO remember xX3mo_Ang3lXx! She was one of the three people who inspired me to start writing. The second one who inspired me was the very first story quiz I ever read-I don't even remember the name now-it was a pretty generic stay with four guys and choose one of them quiz, but nonetheless it was my first! Lastly, I think Natuhleegayle inspired me the most because she's such an amazing writer and I wanted to write as well as her. SO yeah, I think that's it!

  • Thanks for mentioning! :) I like all the people you mentioned and how you used their series titles. I still remember them. It's not like I don't. That would never happen!! This quiz was entertaining to read as well :> .

    By the way, the series I think you're talking about in the last question is Supernatural Love Story by LolliePop1. It has the same plot line but it doesn't have 60 parts though. It has 7. The characters in it are Brett (regular human), David (dark angel or something like that), Jonathan (angel), and Andew (angel).

  • WARNING: LENGTHY COMMENT (I wanted to share a couple of my thoughts... I know most of these writers and yes they're great ^^ like you, I have a pile-up of series I have to read too [when do I ever not? XD] I only had enough space to comment on a few though :( )

    Yes, I do remember xX3mo_Ang3lXx :) the UnNoticed, UnForgotten, UnWanted trilogy has to be the best realistic fiction series I've read with all the emotion...

    I KNOW! XD Dannica is like superwriter and she's been doing these for so long, yet keeps getting better. I can only imagine how good she'll be in a couple years o.o *adds to the cheer for Alex!*

    I think Anastasia is on the forums... I have glanced at her series before though...

    Yes! Fairygal has amazing writing!

    LOL about Aria and Missy Prissy Cat... so true, I think you've found out their secret o.o They might have to send super secret agents from heaven to obliviate your memory :P

    Ah! You read Black Rose too? I want the writer come back :(

    Hm, my inspiration for writing was xxdarkxx, author of "Which will fall for you", which is an old old old series, but *ponders the story you're talking about* I don't think I've read that one :O which is surprising because I've read most of the 20+ part series :P hmmm

    Anyway, thanks for the mention, PuffBall ^^ LOL love you too, it's impossible not to

  • I read this whole thing, you should be very proud of me considering I'm having one of my short attention span days. :P Most of the people you've mentioned are awesome (some I haven't heard of) And how did you know I set the principal's office on fire? xD Well, she deserved it. So there. :P

  • That's for Saying me. My mind has gone blank and it's freezing cold. Well not Freezng...But cold. I went off topic again, didn't I?

  • ......... AHHHHHHH FAIRY GALLLLLL!!! AHHHHH FIERY_SOUL!!!! ALLL HAIL BOTH OF THEM... *thinks* nope! there is more guys and the setting are in some supernatural place... pluss it ended long gone before i read it in 2010

  • .... tomorrow im answering questions... O.O im too sleepy... gahhhh ok ok..... ^_^ tomorrow

  • ..... oh by the way.... THANK YOU!!!! oh i think im tearing up again *cries* oh i love you both!!! .... *weeeps*


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