Hogwarts Love Story pt 2

My second quiz! Love is sure starting to fly round the castle. Boys are falling for you left right and centre. Who will you get? Find out here! Come on.

Starting from year three to year seven work to get the boy of your dreams! Will you be friends or lovers? I don't know but you can find out in this quiz story!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. I woke up to an owl at the window. It was my barn owl Sepia. I untied the parchment and read the letter. It was from my parents doing the usual tittle-tattle. I dragged myself to breakfast with Hermione. She had two subjects set for the same timetable. I pointed this out but she chose to ignore me. I walked down to dada, professor lupin told us that we were facing a boggart.
  2. You stared at him. Was he crazy because in your experience dada teachers couldn't handle pixies let alone a boggart with Harry Potter in the class! Lupin then said, " now the counter curse for a boggart is ridiculous but you must force the boggart into a shape that you find truly amusing. " Neville then put professor Snape in his grandmothers clothes. When it came to you, you imeadiately thought of snakes, adders. You had been bitten by one in your first year and Harry's parsletongue had completely freaked you out. You turned the adder into a giant slow worn covered in oil making it slide in a crazy fashion. Then Harry turned the boggart into a dementor. Professor Lupin rushed forward and the boggart turned into a full moon. You and Hermione exchanged puzzled glances. Then he shot the boggart into the cupboard and dismissed you.
  3. You said goodbye to the others as you headed for ancient runes. You plonked you bags next to Hermione. You jumped. "aren't you at divination?" " oh yeah well um I I've " she muttered. You pursed you lips but decided not to press the matter. She would tell you, eventually. Your brain whirled happily as you leafed through the pages. Then, as the lesson ended you saw Harry outside. " hey, ____ could I talk to you?" "um yeah I guess, I have a free period now, about my only one mind you!" " hmm, me too" he said thoughtfully.
  4. " look, um ___ I dont really know what to say other than Ikindalikeyou!" " oh, um really? Well er yeah I guess I do too!" " do you wanna go out, like to the three broomsticks at Hogsmead?" he asked " yeah! Sure" you smiled " I'll meet you there then. Bye ___" you stared after him, you only blushed when you looked at him, had watery eyes when he soke to you and dreamt about him. " dreaming about Potter are you?" asked a familiar voice. Draco.
  5. " what the hell Malfoy? Why the heck do you cared you prat?!" He gave you a funny look at his show off look fell away to be replaced with hate and annoyance. "what?" you asked quietly, " am I not allowed to have a date? Is it a new death eater rule?" your voice rose to a shout. You had no idea why you were upset. You ran away blinded by tears and ran smack bang into a 7th year wearing quidditch robes. "woa there___, you ought to be more careful" he joked as he caught your arms. You looked up and he saw you were crying. Imeadiately all jokes left his face and was replaced by concern. Fresh tears fell from your face and he hugged you for a second before wiping away a tear with his thumb. " what's wrong _____?" he asked. " Draco" you said quietly. " that loser, I'll get him _____ dont you worry" he cursed under his breath. " hey do you want to meet me at Hogsmead?" he asked. You blushed scarlet and said, " Oliver, I'm so sorry I've arranged something with Harry but I'll meet you next time, okay? I'm sorry" " don't be. Enjoy it. Yeah next time for sure! Bye'" " bye and thanks" you yelled as you headed back to the common room.
  6. You climbed through the portrait hole and headed to Ron and Hermione. Ron seemed rather cold towards you. You sighed deeply. The last thing you needed was an argument with him. " where's Harry?" you asked as you pulled out some homework. Ron glared at you. Hermione frowned disapprovingly at him and said " he's with professor Lupin. Something about him being friends with his dad." you nodded and peered over at Hermione's divination homework. You were glad you hadn't signed up for complicated star charts and death omens. You allowed yourself a sn----- as Fred and George came in happily. " why are you two happy about?" Ron asked grumpily. " what's got your wand it a knot? Snape has been given a gift of four exploding dung bombs, labled tepiny! He won't be able to resist a new fancy plant but boy will he stink!"
  7. You all let out a laugh before Hermione groaned. " talking of Snape we have potions now." you picked up your bags and trudged down to potions. Snape partnered you with Ron and told you to make a draught of living death. It would have been okay is Ron didn't refuse to talk to you, help you, cut, chop or really do anything. By the end of the lesson your draught was given an exceeds expectations, amazing from Snape in the third year. " thanks for you help Ron, you made a huge difference" you said sarcastically as he stormed out. You spoke to Ginny who was a bit more of a boy expert. " it's since you excepted Harry's date" she said simply " what does that have to do with it?" " Ron must like you" she grinned.
  8. Okay guys that's all I have for this one, I'm sorry there isn't more but this is all knew to me. I'll be back with more, the next one will be your date with Harry! I can't wait!
  9. I just want to give a huge shout out to HogwartsLove who encouraged me to keep going, 5thmarauder and natuhleegayle who are my inspiration and Aria who is just amazing!
  10. Okay, bye and thanks for taking this! It's a lot of work with exams too so bear with me!

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