Hogwarts Love Story pt 23

Sorry for the long wait in updates, but I've been very busy. I'd give you a list, but nobody would read it, and you'd get extremely bored. I hope you enjoy this edition, and as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!

Sorry for the long wait in updates, but I've been very busy. I'd give you a list, but nobody would read it, and you'd get extremely bored. I hope you enjoy this edition, and as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Hey there guys! Sorry this took so long, but I've been very busy recently. I break up for my summer holidays on the 12th July, but I'm away until the 16th on a course, so these slow updates will continue until then. Damn the English holiday system! I also have a question for you. Should I write this in first person? If I did, '___' would still be used instead of a name. This one will be in first person for a test, but I just want to know what you think... xXvulturemonemXx
  2. Harry walked in first, and was immediately wrapped in a hug by Mrs.Weasley. I felt a little guilty for not answering his owls properly, but Dumbledore had asked us not to. "Harry Potter," came a voice from the doorway. "Sirius." Harry hugged Sirius tightly, and I smiled at them. "How are you ___?" asked a familiar voice. I turned round to see Remus Lupin, looking haggard and tired, his robes shabbier and his beard scruffier than when we'd last met. "Proffessor Lupin!" "Not anymore," he smiled. "I'm not bad. You?" I can't tell you how weird it felt talking to my ex-professor like a friend. "I'm holding up." Mrs.Weasley clucked from her position by the staircase, and all heads turned towards her. "Why don't you two go and see Ron and Hermione? Second on the left," she said, leaving no room for protest. Sirius grinned at us, and we walked up the stairs. We passed an old, miserable-looking house-elf on our way up, and he began muttering about mud-bloods and blood-traitors. "He's friendly," I joked. "Yeah." There was silence between us. "Look Harry, I'm sorry for not answering anything you sent me, but Dumbledore made us swear not to tell you anything." "Us?" "Myself, Ron and Hermione." Harry pushed open the door and I watched Hermione tackle him in a rib-cracking hug. "Let the man breath Hermione," Ron joked.
  3. I smiled at Ron, who rolled his eyes towards Hermione, who was still wrapping Harry in a hug. I peeled her gently off him, before being attacked in a hug myself. "Woah Hermione," I said with a laugh. She let go of me and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry ___." I waved off her apology and turned to Harry, who was looking around the room, his brow furrowed, thinking deeply. He was definitely to in this room. Well, not really. "Don't think too hard mate," Ron said. "What is this place?" Harry asked. "It's the headquarters of the Order of the Pheonix. Dumbledore used it when they first fought Voldermort," Hermione said, jumping right in. "Yeah. Cedric mentioned something about the Order of the Phoenix. Like an army of wizards and witches right?" I asked, looking to Hermione for conformation. She nodded. "Why wasn't I allowed to know anything?" Harty asked. Ron and Hermione gave him a confused glance, to which I answered, explaining that I'd told Harry that Dumbledore had made us swear not to tell him anything. "Oh. I don't know, but he seemed...angry, almost," Ron said after a moments thought. There was silence in the room for a while, and it was difficult to take. It was one of those suffocating silences, thick with tension. Eventually, I felt the need to break it, and in turn shatter some of the tangible, negative emotions. "The ministry's been making you and Dumbledore out as liars. I think the Prophet called you and 'egotistical liar' once or twice," I said, my voice barely a whisper, but ringing out loudly in the deadly silence. "Percy's abandoned us to me with Fudge. Cares for his job more than his family," Ron snorted, disdain clear in voice. "S they've been building their case against me all summer?" "More or less." There was silence again, and I sat down on the bed, fiddling with my fingers nervously. Why was I nervous around my friends? I had no idea, but I knew that something was wrong with Harry. Ever since he'd walked out of number four Privet Drive, he'd been on edge and quiet. He seemed like he was trying to reign in his anger, which I suppose was understandable with everything that was going on. However, I had a nagging suspicion in the back of my brain that there was something further bothering the fifteen-year-old wizard.
  4. A loud snap pulled me from my internal musings. I looked up from my hands to see Fred and George grinning from ear to ear. Not literally of course. Hermione scowled at their method of entrance and Ron looked vaguely amused. Harry just looked blank, and I hated it. I looked deep in his emerald eyes and saw an intense burning there, as though his mind was always focused on one thing, and he hated it. Almost certainly Lord Voldermort, I thought bitterly. "Well aren't you a somber lot?" George asked, pulling a ridiculous face. My lips pulled up into a half-smile, and Fred called me out on it. "This one's smiling!" he chuckled. I rolled my eyes at him, and Hermione laughed. Ron merely glared at his brothers. "Wnat to hear what the adults are discussing oh-so-secretly?" Fred asked, producing a pair of ears, connected by a thin cable. "Extendable ears," George said, already pulling me towards the door. The remaining occupants of the room followed us out, and we ran into Ginny on the stairs. I smiled at her and put a finger to my lips as Fred began to lower on ear down. To my surprise, the other began to produce the voices of those below. I recognised the voices of Sirius, Molly and Remus, plus a few others. Then I heard Snape speak. "Snape's part of the Order?" Harry asked in a whisper, voicing my own thoughts out loud. "Yeah. Dumbledore trusts him, remember?" George asked with an eye roll. Ron snorted, but I didn't participate in ther anti-Snape conversation, due to being more occupied by Crookshanks. He was standing on the opposite staircase, crouched down, ready to spring at the ear. Hermione noticed him too, and began to hiss at him. This seemed only to spur him in further, and he ended up pulling the ear off. We all groaned.
  5. Suddenly, the door to the kitchen opened with a loud creak, and George hurried to pull up the extendible ears, or ear, as it now was, before Mrs.Weasley's sharp eyes caught what we'd been doing. I doubted they escaped her gaze, but she didn't comment on them, to my surprise. "Dinner's ready," she said, her lips pursed and her face tensed. I had a feeling she disliked their earlier conversation regarding Harry. We trekked down the remaining stairs and sat down at the long table. Sirius and Harry had their moment, before sitting down too. As you ate, Harry was thrown the latest edition of The Daily Prophet. I'd read it when I left the Leaky Cauldron that morning, so I was aware of what it read. "That's a load of rubbish," Harry said. Sirius shrugged. "That's enough!" Mrs.Weasley snapped, "He's just a boy!" "I have a right to know," Harry argued, but he was ignored. "There are some things he needs to know Molly," Sirius retorted. "He's not even of age," she snapped. "He's safer knowing some of this!" Sirius argued back. "Let him explain Molly," Remus said quietly, the voice of reason as ever. Harry shot the two men a grateful glance, before turning his attention to Sirius. "The ministry think that Dumbledore wants to over-throw Fudge, which is, of course, a load of nonsense. Dumbledore is indeed building up an army though. He's reforming the Order, and not just witches and wizards. Although Voldermort had his fair share of creatures too, trolls included." A shiver ran down my spine at the last comment, raising goose-bumps all over my skin. Sirius continued. "We think that Voldermort may be after something. Something he didn't have last time," Sirius said, his voice low, quiet and grave. "You mean, like a weapon?" Harty asked. Sirius opened his mouth to reply, but that was obviously over-stepping Mrs.Weasley's rules. "Stop. He doesn't need to know anything else," she said, her voice laced with fury. "He's my Godson Molly, let me finish," Sirius said, his calm demur beginning to fail again. "You're such a responsible parent aren't you?" she snapped rudely, "Disappeared for thirteen years! He's just a boy!" I thought that was rather insulting myself, particularly in front of Harry, but she didn't seem to care as the two argued back and fourth. Finally, Sirius gave in angrily, seeing that Mrs.Weasley wasn't giving up. If it were Ron, I'd understand, but Harry wasn't her child. "Fine!" he roared, "I can see I'm not allowed to explain what I'd like to. Even though Harry is my responsibility." "That's not wh-" Mrs.Weasley began, but Sirius cut her off. "Thanks for dinner," he said curtly, before walking off, out of the room. Harry glanced towards Remus, who nodded once. Harry thanked Mrs.Weasley and followed Sirius out of the room. Poor guy.
  6. There was a deafening silence in the room, before Tonks began to change her appearence. Ginny giggle as she gave herself a beak, much like that of a duck, and then a pig. She gave an almighty snort, sending all of us, with the exception of an angry, red-headed woman, into peals of laughter. She grinned at me. A few minutes later, Hermione and I offered to clear up, but this was waved off by Mrs.Weasley, who seemed to have much to discuss with the other members of the Order. Well, probably just shout about Harry, same difference. With a shrug, we all left the room and disappeared into Ron and Harry's room, merely because it was there that we left our stuff. Hermione, Ginny and I would be sharing a room during our stay at Grimmauld Place. After moving our stuff, we headed to bed. I for one was tired out by the day. It seemed a lifetime ago that I'd smashed ice-cream into Draco's face. I fell asleep pretty quickly, but my sleep was plagued with nightmares...
  7. I was in the graveyard from last year, my wand drawn as I crouched by Ron and Hermione. The thick fog was concealing us from the view of the wizard before us, but I could just make out the figures of Harry and Cedric, the former trapped by a statue. "Kill the spare!" hissed a hoarse voice. Just like it says in all the horror films, time slowed down. Wormtail brandished his wand, aiming it at Cedric's chest. Cedric went to pull his own wand from his robes, but was too late. "Avada Ka-" "No!" I cried, running forwards, pushing Cedric out of the way. He looked at me in wonder for a moment, before I was yanked away by Wormtail. "Stupid girl!" he hissed, spit flying into my face, "Watch your little boyfriend die!" He threw me to the ground, holding me in place with the thick vines that had protruded from the hedges back in the maze. I screamed loudly as Cedric was hit by a blast if green light, before toppling backwards, dead. Tears trailed down my cheeks as the scene was replayed like some sick joke before me, as Wormtail murdered by boyfriend over and over again. The last time, I heard a voice, but I couldn't quite place it...
  8. The voice sounded again as I watched Cedric die yet again. "____!". I was able to make out my name that time. "____!" the voice called again, more urgently. Who was speaking to me? What did they want? Where was I? "_____!" they yelled. This time, my eyes flew open, revealing the ceiling of number 12 Grimmauld Place and the worried face of an alive and well Cedric Diggory. "Oh!" I cried, sitting up quickly. Suddenly, I burst into tears, my body convulsing with sobs as the wet droplets trailed down my cheeks again. Cedric wrapped me in a hug, perching himself on the edge of my bed. He rocked me back and forth, stroking my hair soothingly, murmuring comfortingly in my ear. "It's ok, I'm here," he whispered over and over. Cedric seemed to hate seeing me cry, for his word schanged a couple of times. "Please don't cry ____. Please stop crying," he begged, before returning to his original choice of words. Eventually, I got a grip on myself, and my tears began to quiet, and then ceased altogether. Cedric stopped moving, but didn't pull away from the embrace he held me in. I lifted my eyes and looked over his shoulder, to see two empty beds. I assumed Hermione and Ginny had got up already, as both were early risers, unlike myself. "Ok?" Cedric asked, his voice soft. I nodded, slightly embarrassed. I felt my cheeks redden slightly as he pulled me gently out of his arms. I knew I had to look a mess anyway, but add in crying... Ugh. And Cedric had just seen me cry. If there was one thing I hated, it was people seeing me cry, but I trusted Cedric, and he made me feel safe, so I didn't mind quite so much. "Why don't you get changed, and then we'll go get something to eat?" he suggested. I nodded my agreement, and Cedric placed a kiss on my cheek before turning to leave. "Cedric?" I asked. "Hm?" "Thank you," I whispered. He smiled. "Anytime." Cue swoon. The guy was too sweet sometimes. ____! I chastised myself. I never usually thought like that, and was a little alarmed at my thoughts. With a groan, I heaved myself out of bed and went to shower.
  9. After showering and dressing, I dug around in my bag and attempted to find my hairbrush. After locating it at the bottom, I seated myself before the old mirror and began to tug my brush through the knots in my hair. I cursed as I yanked too hard, pulling out a clump. With a sigh, I continued in a slower, more logical manner, and finally pulled through the last knot. I grabbed a hair and and threw my hair into a messy bun, not bothered to perfect it. I mean seriously, I wasn't going anywhere, and it didn't look too bad. I opened the door and saw Cedric standing there, having changed from the clothes he'd arrived in. At least, I assumed he'd just arrived. I asked him, and he confirmed my thoughts. "Hermione was telling me about the argument last night, when I heard you scream my name," he said. I blushed again and looked down as we descended the stairs, heading towards the kitchen. "Sorry," I muttered stupidly. Cedric pulled me to a stop. "Look at me," he said softly. I obeyed, and found myself lost in his grey orbs. "Having a nightmare is nothing to be ashamed of," he said fiercely. "You don't know how ridiculous it was," I murmured. He raised an eyebrow. "You could fill me in," he suggested. With a sigh, I gave him a brief explanation of my nightmare. When I'd finished, he pulled me into another hug. "Why is that ridiculous?" he asked when he released me. "Because you didn't die. I have living proof, pardon the pun," I added. "No, but only because you turned up. If you hadn't, I would have died," he said, matter-of-factly. He was so calm about his own death, while I was a crying mess over it. It sent a shiver down my spine. We continued walking down to breakfast, hand-in-hand. Fred whistled when we walked in, and I blushed for what had to be the fiftieth time that morning, but Cedric just grinned at him. "According to fake Moody, I can turn a whistle into a watch and make it sing, so watch out!" he said. I looked at him inquiringly as we sat down and loaded our plates, but it was Harry who answered. "Crouch junior was giving me a run-down in the champions last year, before the first challenge, and that's what he said about Cedric," he said. "You never told me you were good at transfiguration," I said. Cedric scratched the back of his neck, a move I'd seem pulled by Oliver when he was nervous a million times. "Brain ____?" Hermione asked from the doorway, "He turned a rock into a dog to fight that dragon. Didn't that tell you something?" As a matter of fact, it hadn't, but it should have done, thinking back. "For someone so intelligent, you can be really stupid sometimes," Ginny said, grinning. I threw a piece of toast at her playfully, which she caught before it hit her. "Nice catch," Harry commented. Ginny blushed, and I raised my eyebrow at her. Crushing much?
  10. As we ate, we chatted happily. Members of the Order joined us, and joined in our chatter. Sirius was looking particularly glum when he came, and didn't partake in our conversations. I was quick to pull him up on it, seeing as he was sitting just opposite me. "Anything wrong Sirius?" I asked. "I hate being housebound," he growled. I smiled sympathetically. "Maybe you can get out to take Harry to his hearing," I suggested. "If Molly lets me," he said with a roll of his eyes. "Why is it up to her?" "It's always up to her," he answered. "It's your house, and you're an adult," I said. "How d'you know it's my house?" he asked, frowning. I blushed bright red, remembering that from their conversation the previous evening with the extendible ears. "Let me guess, you were eavesdropping?" he asked with a grin. "Yeah." Sirius chuckled. "I would expect nothing less," he said. At least he'd brightened up a little, or a lot even.
  11. Just then, the door clattered open and Mrs.Weasley came in. "Ok you lot!" she called, "Housekeeping time!" We all groaned, spotting the bottles and cloths behind her. "Come on!" she said, and began calling us kids up to do things. She seemed intent on splitting up the twins, but they weren't to be swayed. Typical them. Cedric, Hermione, Ginny and I were assigned to tackled a load of Cornish pixies upstairs. Lucky us, I thought sarcastically as we headed upstairs.
  12. Ok! Sorry for the long wait, but I've been exceedingly busy! Sorry! Please comment and leave your tights on the proposed changes from second to first person, and I won't mention the *cough* character *cough cough* contest *cough*. That's all folks! xXvulturemonemXx

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