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  • I thought the first person was a nice change as well. The reason I wrote my own series in that particular form is because it allows the writer to expand on certain actions and thoughts further than you can in second person, and I can already see that reflected in this edition. However, as @hp4evr mentioned, it's your choice and I like your writing style either way. :)

    Anyway, I loved this edition as always. I always get excited when I see a new part of your series on the quiz list and it never disappoints!

  • It was wonderful and I really liked the first person narration. It makes everything feel more realistic. I'm generally drawn to stories that are written in first person (although I don't mind reading third person books as well), and it was refreshing to read it that way. Although @natuhleegayle wrote in the second person and she was very much successful with it but to tell the truth, even when I read hers, I kept changing 'you' to 'I' but then it's my opinion. If you want to keep your story in first person, it's your choice after all.

    Regarding this edition, I'd say that it was well written as always and I thought the emotional scene with Cedric was well played out. Anyways, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to next part. (:

  • I personally like second person better


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