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  • Gosh Sapphire_queen, don't get so violent... but getting rid of Ginny might be a good idea, but she my bestie, along with Hermione! Love Your Story, Put Me Back With HARRY!!! WHAAA!!!!

    Me: *Later* looks at this ^ "Whoa, little freaky there *backs away slowly* "I didn't know I was like that" O_O

    Johanna Potter
  • Y did you break me up with Harry y sob y is Ginny still alive in the story walks over to Ginny grinshehehe

  • @music826 Aw! Thank you! That means so much to mean! *flushes with pleasure* Lol! Nor me, but I had to add in the bit about Fleur in crazily high heels, I had a 'craving' to add it in!

  • I honestly think this was my favorite edition of yours so far! Your writing is wonderfully detailed, but not so much so that it becomes dull, and you transition between scenes effortlessly. However, whatever you make my character do, I cannot walk in heels under any circumstances. XD


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