Hogwarts Love Story pt 13 (vulturemonem's)

Well, here is part 13. I have just continued reading HL's series, I've been very bad, I stopped at part 11 and a half to write more myself! Anyway, enough ranting!

You don't need to read this paragraph. It is of no relevance to the story or and information. *waits* No really, you don't have to read this, the is nothing important in here. DO YOU HEAR ME???! Are you still reading this? Why? You're still reading aren't you? May I politely, without breaking the china vase perched precariously on my window-ledge, why you are still reading this after being told a million times not to? *watches as vase falls to the floor and smashes* I'll take that as a no shall I? Oh why are you torturing me so? You don't need to read this. Read the story.

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Here are my comment replies as always! @liz_king97, thanks! @music826, yes, I'm very sorry. It was indeed @mcqueen who submitted that comment! Sorry for that confusion, I wrote that at 11pm! Lol! On with the story!
  2. The day of the first challenge dawned. You dressed in your casual jeans and several jumpers for the cold weather. There were no lessons today so you took the chance to catch up on a bit of homework. You sat on your bed and attempted to write your potions essay, but to no avail. You set down your quill in frustration and gave up. You walked down the stairs to the common room and covered your eyes. "Ginny! It's too early for Hufflepuff's to be in here! And it's too early for that kind of enjoyment too!" you cried at the sight of Ginny and Justin snogging on the couch. "Sorry ____," Ginny said embarrassed. "Get OUT Justin! I mean it! Shoo!" you crowed, flapping Justin out of the portrait hole. "I'm going back to bed," Ginny huffed. You laughed at her retreating figure and then sucked in you laughter abruptly. Harry stood at the top of the stairs to the boys room, probably woken up by yourself, and had witnessed the end of that scene. Ginny averted her eyes to the floor and the door clicked behind her softly. "Morning Harry," you said quietly, "Nervous?" you asked. "Terrified," he whispered back, as he trudged down the stairs. "How you doing it?" you asked, nervous for him. "Secretly," he mumbled back, it obviously wasn't something he wanted to talk about. "I'm sorry," you replied at normal, human level. "For what?" he asked, astonished. "Everything. For you-know-what, for Ginny, for this," you motioned to his Tri-Wizard tournament robes frantically. He caught your flailing arms and pinned them to your sides, kissing your forehead. "Ok, so you're off to fight a dragon? And I watch? And YOU are comforting ME?" you asked. "Yup!" he said, attempting a bright attitude but it failed. "I know what will take your mind off of it!" you said suddenly. You grabbed his hand and told him to wait outside the corridor Oliver and Alicia had gone down last night. You found the room that said 'guests' and knocked. "Hello?" asked a bleary eyed Oliver. "Bring Alicia, Jackson and Molly," you said, a three-a-side game forming in your mind. You waited for a moment before four, half asleep, quidditch players came out. Harry gawped when he saw them. "Hey Alicia, Oliver," he said. They smiled at him and you told him to go get his Firebolt. To your surprise, he used the summoning charm. Alicia nodded in approval, if you remembered correctly, she wanted to be a charms teacher once she outgrew quidditch.
  3. Oliver lead the six of you outside and Harry gawped again when he saw his beloved quidditch pitch. "What've they done to you?" he muttered. You laughed and Alicia, (being the only one able to contain her laughter due to her incredible self-control) filled Harry in on the status and future-status of the pitch. He humphed. "Good," he said, kicking off and flying so high he was almost out of sight. Then he soared back down in a tight nose-dive and came up at the last minute, catching the snitch that Molly had just released. "____! _____! Can I watch?" asked an excited voice. "Hi Ariella! Of course! Head up to the Griffendor stands mind you. That's Ariella, my, uh, adopted sister," you said to the others who, other than Harry, were looking at you strangly. Even to you, the words felt strange and unfamiliar. "Long story," you muttered to Oliver's questioning look. He rolled his eyes and Harry let go of the snitch again. Then Oliver grabbed it and went to get another one. Harry groaned at Oliver's perfectionist trait. Well, perfectionist when it came to quidditch. Alicia threw up the quaffle and you caught it, just as everyone else kicked off. You allowed Oliver to near the hoops before sending it flying over his left ear and into the right hoop cleanly. He grinned at you, "Girls against boys?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. You nodded back and attempted to intercept the quaffle, unfortunately, Oliver was a world class quidditch player. It soared under you to be caught a metre or two from the ground by Jackson. Then he flew up and dodged yourself and Alicia and scored well. Molly grabbed the quaffle and threw it to you. You caught it and passed back to Alicia who scored, easily. You then caught the ball from behind the hoop as it went through, catching the boys' unawares. You then flew through the players and shot, on target, but Oliver blocked it. With a crooked grin he continued play.
  4. Play continued, quaffle going back and fourth between the two teams. Alicia was a spectacular player, and apparently the captain of her team. About forty minutes later, Oliver was flying down to retrieve the quaffle after another very good shot by yourself. He threw it to Jackson, but Alicia zoomed through and caught it with a grunt. You had to admire her skill, if you had tried to catch that ball, it would have yanked your arm off. Then she did a dangerous looking U-turn and threw the quaffle with all her might to the goal. Then a harmless game of quidditch went wrong. Alicia let out a scream of pain and Oliver and yourself abandoned the game to catch her and her broom as she fell. You caught her expensive looking broom and the quaffle before it hit her. Then, balancing the quaffle and her broom in each hand, you flew down slowly, directing your own broom with your knees. As you landed, you stumbled slightly, but Harry grabbed your arm and set you upright. You nodded to him gratefully and set down everything that you were holding. You then ran over to where Oliver was cradling Alicia on the grass, in between two knee-high hedges. You stared at first at Oliver's pale face, and Alicia's clammy, cold and unconscious one, then at the blood pouring from Alicia's side. You gasped and turned to Molly for an explanation, Oliver was in no state to do so. "Were you at the world cup?" Molly asked. You nodded, still on shock. "Well Alicia got burnt there, whoever treated her stitched her side and told her she couldn't ride for two months. But my guess," she grimaced, "Is that they got their calculations wrong." Jackson suddenly whipped his head to Alicia and Oliver and pulled up Alicia's robe to get a look at her side. "That's no ordinary burn," he muttered, "Burns don't bleed like that." Suddenly you felt angry. "Madame Pomfrey. Now," you choked. Oliver stared at you and then got up, carrying Alicia, and followed you to the hospital wing.
  5. As you headed to the hospital wing, you spotted the time on the big grandfather clock. "Harry! You need to get your backside a shift on! Time!" you said, pointing to the clock. He froze and turned on his heel. "Good luck!" you called, "I'll be watching you!" you said. Then you turned back and sighed. "Wingardium leviosa," you muttered, and Alicia rose in the air. You ran with her to the hospital wing and set her down on the bed. Madame Pomfrey tutted and busied herself silently. Then you bid the others farewell and pulled off your quidditch robe, revealing your jumper and jeans, and positively sprinting to the stadium. You spotted Ron and Hermione and sat down by them, nearly squashing some first years in the process. You plonked yourself down next to Hermione, the bench was freezing but you didn't notice. Cedric was walking onto the rocks. He pulled out his wand, pointing it at a rock. To you, it sounded like a transfiguration spell. The rock merged into a dog and you groaned. What was he doing? You asked yourself. Then the dragon turned its attention away from Cedric to the dog, prowling like a cat, just with the grace of an elephant. Cedric moved extremely slowly, and began to shimmy up the rock face and swung himself onto the ledge. It was just then that the dragon seemed to notice him again. It blew fire across Cedric's face and you hurried your face in the persons arm to your left. You looked up, embarrassed, but it was only George. He grinned and gripped your hand gently. You returned your gaze to the arena and saw Cedric reach for the egg, in the process being hit by another burst of fire. Then he held it aloft triumphantly. The dragon was restrained and Cedric was helped out, presumably to Madame Pomfrey, wherever she was.
  6. Then Fleur stepped out. You had expected her to appear vulnerable. But no. Her silver-blond hair was swept back in an untidy bun, her robes were plain and a sea blue colour. In her tight-fitting sleeves and trousers, you noticed how muscular she was. She had the build of and acrobatic dancer, light and strong. Her sharp sapphire eyes scanned the arena swiftly, then landed on the egg, but moving on to the dragon as it growled. "Isn't that a welsh green?" you asked George. He opened his mouth but a voice from behind you spoke. "Yes, very good. And they're all females s that they want to protect the egg," said Charlie Weasley. You nodded, not taking your eyes off of Fleur. She was eyeing up the dragon, apparently indecisive of what to do. No, you thought. Not indecisive, but looking, searching it for something. Then you noticed it too. It was a small, crimson spot on her underbelly. "A weak spot," Charlie muttered as though he could read your thoughts. You stared at Fleur again. "Aguamenti!" she said loudly, in her French, sing-song Veela voice, pointing her wand directly at the red spot. The dragon growled and appeared to choke, but you assumed it was trying, and failing, to breath fire. It began to swipe at the ground around Fleur, but Charms appeared to be her top subject. "Confundo!" she sang. The dragon blinked twice and Fleur used this momentary distraction as her chance to scramble to the ledge. Then she held aloft the egg happily. Very happily. She seemed quite unharmed, scratched, bruises and grazes but no burning or deep cuts. You cheered with everyone else, matching Beauxbatons' screams in volume. Then Fleur was also led off, she went in the same direction Cedric had.
  7. Then Krum stepped on. You heard Hermione suck in a breath and she grabbed your hand, hard. You watched as Krum stood at the opening, grumpy and sullen as always. Then his eyes flickered around the audience, finally resting on Hermione. She froze but through you peripheral vision you saw her smile gently. Ron snorted. He had obviously seen the exchange too. He stepped forward and the little door swung shut. He, like Fleur, surveyed the arena before moving, wand by his side. Unlike Fleur, his eyes didn't linger on the egg, but they did fix on the dragon. To you, Krum seemed like the brute force kind of guy, all brawn, no brains, but his strength wouldn't be much good against a dragon covered in waist height spikes from head to tail. Would it? You asked yourself doubtfully. He growled at the dragon, and began to make strange noises. The dragon looked at him then roared, lunging for him. He threw himself behind a rock and felt the full force of the dragon's fire. He groaned, now covered in his own blood, and, cast a basic shield around him, began to climb the wall of rock. Although the fire couldn't reach him, the heat obviously did, for he was dripping with sweat by the time he reached the top. He held up the egg, and fell to the floor in pain. Hermione clutched you again so you patted her awkwardly. "He'll be fine," you said uncomfortably. A part of wished he wouldn't be, Hermione deserved so much better, you thought. But then again, she would become paranoid about everything if that happened. You groaned silently at the thoughts running through your head. Let things be, you decided.
  8. Then you felt your heart break through your ribs as Harry stepped out. He looked tiny compared to Cedric, Fleur and Krum. He looked so vulnerable. "I can't watch," you heard Ron mutter. You fixed your eyes on Harry, determined to watch his every move, but then again, you couldn't move your eyes if you had wanted to, out of sheer terror. Harry stared at the dragon, blinked and made a move for the ledge. The dragon imeadiately turned on him. Harry lunged behind a rock to avoid the worst of the blast. "YOUR WAND HARRY!!!" you found yourself screaming, "YOUR WAND!!!" he locked eyes with you for a fraction of a second before saying, "Accio Firebolt!" Ron stared at the scene. "He's mental right?" he asked but you took it as a rhetorical question, whether it was meant to be or not. Then you spotted a long brown shape falling down. Harry leapt up and onto his broom, flying right out of the arena. The dragon flew up, out, and after him. Then they were out of sight. The tension in the arena was unbelievable. There were startled cries, disbelieving mutters and silent tears. You noticed a girl who looked to be in the year above you with black, straight hair, crying her eyes out on her friends shoulder. "Who's that?" you asked Hermione, pointing to the girl. "Her?" Hermione squinted, "Cho Chang I think, Ravenclaw fifth year if memory serves. Total cry-baby," said Hermione disapprovingly. You nodded. You remembered Cho as the girl who had continually given you death glares in your second year, why, you never found out. The tension was horrifically painful, you desperately wanted Harry to come zooming back, crying, 'Its ok folks, I don't have to be in this anymore!' but you knew that that would never happen. The rules are stupid, you thought furiously, remembering McGonnagle's face when Dumbledore had told everyone that Harry must be a part of this. You looked to her now, searching the teachers rows until you found her, arguing with Snape about something. Snape looked enraged and you made a mental note to yourself to get top marks in her lessons, as a thank you.
  9. Your sharp eyes spotted some falling tiles from the roof of Hogwarts. Lots of falling tiles. Then, you spotted the dragon as it rounded the corner and turned on the dot that must be Harry. The dot fell a few metres, before stopping. Then you saw fire. Then they disappeared again. You kept watching the spot they had gone out of view at, when suddenly Hagrid was yelling and pointing, eyes on his binoculars. You looked to where he was pointing, and sure enough, the dot and the dragon were in sight again, getting bigger by the second. You pointed to Hermione, George and Charlie where Harry was. Hermione was the first able to see them, then the whole stadium was in uproar as the two figures flew back into the arena, Harry grabbing the egg on the way, then circling down and landing. Harry had taken quite a battering from what you cloud see, but he was smiling. You turned to Hermione and you hugged, then you proceeded with a victory dance. "I'm going to see them all," you said. Everyone around you nodded, and you made your way out, attempting to avoid the jubilant crowds. When you were out of the stands, you were greeted by a voice. "Looks like my father's bet was wrong," Draco called. You stopped and turned. "What bet would that be?" you asked coldly. "My I reckoned Potter wouldn't last ten minutes in this tournament. My father disagreed. He thought he wouldn't last five," he smirked. "You were off by about half and hour. And counting," you said flatly. "Sorry ___," he said. "No, I don't think you are Draco," you replied honestly. Then a thought struck you and you smirked. "Were you the ferret?" you asked mischievously. His face drained of colour and you smiled, turning your back on him and returning to the tent.
  10. The tent was yellow and red, so Harry had said, and indeed, there was a yellow and red tent not ten metres away from you. You ducked in and saw Madame Pomfrey, countless professors, and of course, the champions. You spotted Fleur, smiling at you, over in the corner. You headed over to her and sat down, hugging her. "Well done, you were great! What's in the egg?" you asked suddenly. She looked down at it darkly. "Tank you, ___. Die egg. Ah, die egg is an 'orrible, screeching voman," Fleur said, shivering. You giggled and she raised an eyebrow. "Vould you like to 'ear it?" she asked. You nodded and Fleur opened the clasp on her egg. You covered your ears at the wailing scream that emitted from the golden egg. "And that," you said once she had closed it, "Is your clue for the next challenge?" you asked, bewildered. "I tink dat dere is a little more to it dan dat," she said smiling. You smiled at her and patted her hand, heading over to Harry, whom Madame Pomfrey had just left. "Harry! Harry that was..." you began, struggling to find words. So you pulled him into a tight hug instead. "Dangerous, horrific and painful to watch. And incredible that you're actually alive," you said. He laughed softly into your hair, then winced. You looked at him questioningly. "Broken rib," he muttered. "Anything else?" you asked, concerned. "A few burns, gash on my right arm. Otherwise I'm fit for challenge two," he said grinning. You rolled your eyes at him. "Still the King of Irritating," you muttered. "Talking of the King, look who's coming to say hi," Harry said, nodding to the entrance to the tent, where a scowling Ron stood, and a timid Hermione. Hermione headed straight over to you and Harry and swept Harry into a hug, not unlike you did. "When I get my hands on whoever put your name in that cup I swear..." Hermione said, but she was cut off by your and Harry's bursts of laughter. She grinned too and then groaned as Ron came over. "Hey," he said quietly, "Look, both of you, I think I owe you an apology," he began, "I'm sorry." You nodded your acceptance but Harry wasn't so forgiving. "Stopped being a jerk have you? Took you long enough," he said coldly. "Yeah, I have. Look I'm sorry. What else can I say?" Ron asked desperately. Harry grinned. "Nothing. That you won't punch the living daylights out of me when I tell you that I fancy your sister," Harry joked. Ron's face drained of colour but then grinned faintly and left the tent.
  11. It was then that you noticed Hermione's absence. You looked around the tent and then you saw her laughing with Krum. Your hands formed fists and you nails dug into your palms and it took all of your self-restraint not to go and punch the guy in his stupid face. You took a deep breath, said goodbye to Harry, and headed over to Cedric, who had definitely come out of it worst, his body was covered in burns and he had just as many grazes and cuts as everyone else. Then you looked over at Krum, actually, you thought, Krum is just as bad, if not worse, that Cedric. You smiled at the thought and carried on towards Cedric who was having 'things' applied to him. As Madame Pomfrey saw you approach, she clucked and drew the curtain around Cedric's bed. You waited outside, politely, and thought about the challenge. Your trail of thoughts were interrupted by Madame Pomfrey, again. "Miss Rivers, you may speak to him for a while, I'd assume that your judgement is accurate," she said meaningfully. 'Don't stay for more than five minutes' you translated in your head and you groaned silently, slipping behind the curtain. "Hi Cedric. How are you?" you asked quietly. "Hi ____, I've been better," he said, smiling. You laughed softly and sat down on the edge of his bed. "Dam," he said, as his cheek began to bleed again from the cut. He reached for the cloth but you slapped his hand away and pressed down on the cut carefully. He winced. "Sorry," you murmured. He shook his head slowly, making his cheek bleed more. "Yeah, just don't move, talk or breath and it won't bleed," you said sarcastically. You felt him shake with laughter and you shook your head in mock disapproval. "Krum's trying to seduce Hermione again then," Cedric said. "Yeah, it's taking a good lot of self-control not to go and knock his stupid head off," you said, accidentally adding more pressure. You sighed. "I think I'd better let you do it before I do more bad than good," you said. Cedric smiled but took the cloth from your stiff fingers. You relaxed slightly and left the tent.
  12. The next day, Griffendor house, from the fourth year upwards, was called to the Great Hall by Professor McGonnagle. You entered with Hermione and Lavander and gasped when you saw that the four house tables were leant up against the sides of the hall. "It is tradition, that whenever a Tri-Wizard tournament is held, there is a ball in the honour of the friendship of the schools. Champions," here her eyes rested on Harry, "Must go to the ball. For the rest of you, it is optional, but it is always a lot of fun, and there is more than dancing." her eyes wandered over the boys. "Weasley, come and help me demonstrate," she said, eyes shining. Ron looked at Harry and the twins wolf-whistled. McGonnagle placed Ron's hand on her waist and on her's and grabbed his hand. "One two three, one two three," she counted, "Join in!" she called to you all. You stood up and Neville took your hand. Surprised, but not displeased, you nodded and the two of you danced. He was a very good dancer, which you hadn't expected. You knew how to dance, but your awkward trait meant that regardless of whether it was right, it only looked graceful in a long dress. In other words, never. You sat down by Harry and the twins when the music ended. "Never gonna let me forget this are you?" Harry asked the twins, nodding to the uncomfortable-looking Ron. "Never!" the twins said in unison, grinning in wild amusement. Then the music ended again and McGonaggle spoke again. "You cannot go to the Yule Ball alone. You must take a partner, of the opposite gender," she said firmly, "Dismissed!" Everyone stood up hurridly. You met up with Hermione who was smiling. "What're you so happy about?" you asked. "I now know what Victor was talking about," she said brightly. Your jaw dropped open. "You're NOT going with Krum?" Ron asked. "Yes I am," Hermione said hotly. "Hermione!" Harry whined. "What?" she snapped angrily. "You aren't going with that twit. I forbid it," you said sternly. "Why not?" she asked, obviously having thought you would back her in this. "Because, Hermione, you can do, and WILL DO, so so much better. He is a twit, Hermione. Mark my words," you said. She stared at you and then flounced off, offended. "Hermione! Hermione I'm sorry!" Ron called desperately. "She'll come round Ron, it's ok," Harry said. "You lot staying for Christmas?" you asked. They both nodded. "I am, I know Hermione is, and Draco, I think Neville's going home but Cedric is definitely staying," you said. "No, Neville is staying for the Yule Ball," said a voice behind you. You smiled sheepishly at Neville as he smiled, coming up to you. The four of you left and headed up to the common room. "____!" said a voice behind you.
  13. Oooh! Cliff-hanger! Who is it? I'll give you a clue, it can't be Harry, Ron or Neville. Place your bets in that lovely invention called the comments box! Thanks for reading, (as always) and please (as always) drop a comment! vulturemonem xX

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