Hogwarts Love Story Part 31

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  1. You and Hermione went into the room you were sharing with each other and Ginny. "Tell me everything", Ginny said, as soon as you entered. Hermione crossed the room to bolt the door, but before she could do that, Ron and Harry burst in. "Hmph!", said Hermione. Harry sat next to Ginny, and Ron sat on Hermione's bed. "Well, they didn't tell us much we couldn't have guessed, did they?" Harry said, 'I mean, all they've really said is that the Order's trying to stop people joining Voldemort'. 'Yeah, you're right,' Hermione said, 'we already knew nearly everything they told us, from using the Extendable Ears. The only new bit was--' Crack. 'OUCH!', you yelped. Fred and George had just Apparated on top of you in the dark. "Sorry", whispered Fred, sitting on your bed, and George did the same. 'So, got there yet?' said George eagerly. 'The weapon Sirius mentioned?' you said. Let slip, more like,' said Fred, "We didn't hear about that on the old Extendables, did we?". "What do you reckon it is?", asked Hermione. "Could be anything", said Fred. "But there can't be anything worse than the Avada Kedavra curse, can there?" said Ron. "What's worse than death?". "Maybe it's something that can kill loads of people at once", suggested George. "Maybe it's some particularly painful way of killing people", said Ron fearfully. "He's got the Cruciatus Curse for causing pain", said Harry, "he doesn't need anything more efficient than that".
  2. There was a pause and you knew everyone was thinking about what sort of thing it could be. 'So who d'you think's got it now?' asked George. 'I hope it's our side,' said Ron, sounding slightly nervous. 'If it is, Dumbledore's probably keeping it,' said Fred. 'Where?' said Ron quickly. 'Hogwarts?' 'Bet it is!' said George. 'That's where he hid the Philosopher's Stone.' 'A weapon's going to be a lot bigger than the Stone, though!' said Ron. 'Not necessarily,' said Fred. 'Yeah, size is no guarantee of power,' said George. There was another pause. "Shh!", hissed Fred. The twins each grabbed a boy (Ron and Harry), and apparated out of your room. A few seconds later, you heard a creak outside your door, Mrs. Wesley was listening to see if you were talking. The next thing you knew, George's voice was filling the room. "Mum says get up, your breakfast is in the kitchen and then she needs you to help clean the house". Half an hour later, everyone was in the kitchen, receiving orders from Mrs. Weasley. "Oliver, ______, you can go outside and clean the windows". You scowled. The windows were very high up, you'd never be able to reach them.
  3. When you saw the windows, you whimpered. "We can't reach up there",you said. You turned to go back inside, but Oliver caught your arm. "Can you please try to be nice to Jesse?", he pleaded. "No". "Please? For me?". You sighed. "Fine". Oliver let go of your arm, and you pulled him inside with you. When you had explained to Mrs. Weasley, you and Oliver went upstairs to help the others.
  4. You had no idea that a simple afternoon of cleaning would mean screaming, shouts and bite marks all over you. Despite the fact you were having dreams about long corridors and locked doors that made for scar hurt, you were having the most fun you'd had all summer. On Wednesday evening, Mrs.Weasley brought up Harry's hearing. He was going with Mr.Weasley. After dinner, Oliver and Kian went upstairs to have a shower.
  5. "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe!" you sang to Hermione. She rolled her eyes. You leaned against the bannister on the stairs. The evening passed quickly, and you went to bed.
  6. You woke with a start next morning. You had been having dreams about a long hallway, with a door at the end, but whenever you got close to opening it, you woke. You dressed and went down stairs. "Is Harry gone already?", you asked Ginny. "It's eleven o' clock", she said with a giggle. "Oops!", you said, pushing your red hair out of your eyes. All morning long, Mrs.Weasley had everyone packing to leave for Hogwarts. Since you were the clumsiest person there, you tripped over just about everything. "I'm only clumsy on my feet", you grumbled as Fred and George laughed at you falling over your own feet. Harry arrived back later on in the day. "I got off" Harry smiled. You screamed as loud as you could. The twins joined you. "Shut up!" roared Oliver. Ron punched the air, and Hermione giggled weakly.
  7. The last day of the Holidays arrived.'Booklists have arrived,' Ron said, throwing one of the envelopes to you.'About time, I thought they'd forgotten, they usually come much earlier than this....' Yo opened your letter, the others doing the same. It contained two pieces of parchment: one the usual reminder that term started on the first of September; the other telling him which books you would need for the coming year. 'Only two new ones,' Harry said, reading the list, 'The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5, by Miranda Goshawk, and Defensive Magical Theory, by Wilbert Slinkhard.' Crack. Fred and George Apparated right beside Harry. 'We were just wondering who assigned the Slinkhard book,' said Fred conversationally. 'Because it means Dumbledore's found a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher,' said George. 'And about time too,' said Fred. 'What d'you mean?' Harry. 'Well, we overheard Mum and Dad talking on the Extendable Ears a few weeks back,' Fred told Harry, 'and from what they were saying, Dumbledore was having real trouble finding anyone to do the job this year.' 'Not surprising, is it, when you look at what's happened to the last four?' said George. 'One sacked, one dead, one's memory removed, and one locked in a trunk for nine months,' said Harry, counting them off on his fingers. 'Yeah, I see what you mean.' 'What's up with you, Ron?' asked Fred. Ron did not answer. You looked round. Ron was standing very still with his mouth slightly open, gaping at his letter from Hogwarts. 'What's the matter?' said Fred impatiently, moving around Ron to look over his shoulder at the parchment. Fred's mouth fell open, too. 'Prefect?' he said, staring incredulously at the letter. 'Prefect?'
  8. George leapt forward, seized the envelope in Ron's other hand and turned it upside-down. You saw something scarlet and gold fall into George's palm. 'No way,' said George in a hushed voice. 'There's been a mistake,' said Fred, snatching the letter out of Ron's grasp and holding it up to the light as though checking for a watermark. 'No one in their right mind would make Ron a prefect.' The twins' heads turned in unison and both of them stared at Harry. 'We thought you were a cert!' said Fred, in a tone that suggested Harry had tricked them in some way. 'We thought Dumbledore was bound to pick you!' said George indignantly. 'Winning the Triwizard and everything!' said Fred. 'I suppose all the mad stuff must've counted against him,' said George to Fred. 'Yeah,' said Fred slowly. 'Yeah, you've caused too much trouble, mate. Well, at least one of you's got their priorities right.' He strode over to Harry and clapped him on the back while giving Ron a scathing look. 'Prefect ... ickle Ronnie the prefect...' 'Oh, Mum's going to be revolting,' groaned George, thrusting the prefect badge back at Ron as though it might contaminate him. Ron, who still had not said a word, took the badge, stared at it for a moment, then held it out to Harry as though asking mutely for confirmation that it was genuine. Harry took it. A large 'P' was superimposed on the Gryffindor lion."Let me see", you said, taking it from Harry. You turned it over in your hands, and then tapped it. "That's real", you said, handing it back. Hermione burst into the room. "Harry, Ron, did either of you-". "Yep", said Ron, holding up the badge, which was identical to Hermione's. The door behind her opened a little wider and Mrs. Weasley backed into the room carrying a pile of freshly laundered robes. 'Ginny said the booklists had come at last,' she said, glancing around at all the envelopes as she made her way over to the bed and started sorting the robes into two piles. 'If you give them to me I'll take them over to Diagon Alley this afternoon and get your books while you're finishing your packing. Ron, I'll have to get you more pyjamas, these are at least six inches too short, I can't believe how fast you're growing ... what colour would you like?' 'Get him red and gold to match his badge,' said George, smirking. 'Match his what?' said Mrs. Weasley absently, rolling up a pair of maroon socks and placing them on Ron's pile. 'His badge,' said Fred, with the air of getting the worst over quickly. 'His lovely shiny new prefect's badge.' Fred's words took a moment to penetrate Mrs. Weasley's preoccupation with pyjamas.
  9. DONE! I started this a couple of months ago, but I've been WAY too busy to finish it. Sorry! So. I'll try to do the next part soon. I've abandoned the idea of the other website, fanfic.net or something, I can't even remember! So comment and rate, okay? ^-^
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