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  • Part 32 is up!

    5thMarauder Nov 1 '12, 2:12PM
  • @xxblutixx, ickle Ronnie the prefect! XD Yep, Umbridge will have a hard time this year! I love this year too ^-^

    5thMarauder Oct 28 '12, 6:46AM
  • I'm commenting late because I didn't have time a couple days ago D: so late though, anyway, ickle Ronnie the prefect XD ahh we're going to get to go to Hogwarts in fifth year! Can't wait; it's my favorite :) Please say we're going to get to do something to Umbridge X) Part 32!

    xxblutixx Oct 27 '12, 4:37PM
  • @HogwartsLove, *laughing hysterically* lol, as if, but thank you! Hmm, I've actually been thinking about becoming an author lately. When I am legally an adult. In 6 years ;P well, maybe 5. Have you been writing lately?
    @Aria, thank you ^-^

    5thMarauder Oct 22 '12, 11:49AM
  • I love you so much, I can't even... xD Seriously, your writing style is amazing, and you deliver ideas really perfectly! I saw this edition was posted and, as always, couldn't wait to read! I'm never disappointed! If you ever publish a book, I swear you couldn't peel my eyes off of it for years. You're a really brilliant author! Thank you so much for providing us *wipes tears* with such perfection :,D Haha, seriously, though! You've developed so much that I can't even shdgdndn oh geez xD

    HogwartsLove Oct 21 '12, 8:05PM
  • Aweshum! I'm looking forward to the next part x

    Aria Oct 21 '12, 1:07PM

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