Hogwarts Love Story Part 11

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Give me a second I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state My lover she is waiting for me just across the bar My seats been taken by some sunglasses askin 'bout a scar

and I know I gave it to you months ago I know you're trying to forget but between the drinks and subtle things the holes in my apologies you know I'm trying to take it back. So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down I'll carry you home

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  1. The two of you stayed in the lake for a while,but you both went in when you could barely feel your body anymore :/.On the way up to the common room you met Hermione."Whats wrong?",you asked because she looked like she was on the verge of tears."Buckbeak is going to be executed",she replied.You were so shocked all you could do was stand there with your mouth open.After a while you said "They can't!! All he did was slash Malfoy's arm,and if you ask me,he deserved it,so they can't kill him for that!!".You went to the common room with Hermione and Oliver.About halfway there Hermione stopped and said,"Why are you both soaking wet?"."You and Oliver looked at each other and grinned."I'll tell you later",you replied.
  2. Hermione cast a spell to dry you both off.When you got to the common room,Oliver began talking to the twins,so you and Hermione sat down.You were soon joined by Harry and Ron,and by the looks of it,they had all forgiven each other after their argument.The four of you stayed up and talked for a while,and then went to bed.The next morning,you were walking back from Hagrid's house with the golden trio when you saw Draco Malfoy.He began making fun of Hagrid,Harry and Ron made furious moves towards him,but Hermione got there first."Don't you DARE call Hagrid pathetic,you foul-you evil-!!".She slapped Malfoy around the face several times,leaving bright red marks.he ran off towards the castle,closely followed by his friends.
  3. You stared at Hermione in amazement."Wow." you said."Harry,you'd better beat him in the quidditch final!" Hermione said shrilly."You just better had,because I can't stand if Slytherin win!"."We're due in charms",Ron said,still goggling at Hermione"We'de better go". "You're late!" said Prof.Flitwick as you entered the classroom."Where's Hermione?" you said,realising that she wasn't with you."Thats weird" said Harry."Maybe-maybe she went to the bathroom or something?".The class divided into pairs,and in the end you were paired with Malfoy.
  4. You sat next to him,avoiding eye contact."You're welcome." he said.You looked up."For what?" you asked."For helping you with your divination homework",he replied."That was ages ago,and all you did was tell me something." you replied."Yes,but it helped." Draco said.You rolled your eyes and opened your book.After the class,Draco said,"You can come with me to Hogsmeade next time if you want"."I've got a boyfriend,but we can be friends" you mumbled,looking at the floor.Draco smirked."Ah yes,the great Oliver/_____ thing!"."You did that just to annoy me didn't you?" you asked.Draco grinned and joined a group of Slytherins passing.
  5. Twenty minutes you arrived at the Divination classroom.You sat in-between Harry and Ron around a table."Good day to you all",said the now familiar voice of Prof. Trelawney."I have decided to introduce the crystal ball a little earlier than I had planned.The fates have informed me that your examination in June will concern the orb,and I am anxious to give you sufficient practice".Hermione snorted."Well honestly!'the fates have informed her!'..who sets the exam?! She does!",she said,not troubling to keep her voice low.It was impossible to tell whether Trelawney heard this or not because she was hidden in the shadows."Crystal gazing is a particularly refined art" Trelawney began."I do not expect any of you to See when you first peer into the Orb's infinite depths.We shall by practicing relaxing the conscious mind and external eyes-".You and Ron began to laugh uncontrollably,covering your mouths and avoiding eye contact as not to laugh even harder."-so as to clear the Inner eye and the superconscious.Perhaps if we are lucky,some of you will See before the class ends.",finished Trelawney.
  6. And so you began.After fifteen minutes,Harry said "See anything?'."Yep,there's a burn on the table.Someone's spilled their candle".You giggled,trying not to let anyone from other tables to hear you."This is such a waste of time",hissed Hermione."I could be practicing something useful.I could be catching up on cheering charms!".Trelawney rustled past."Would anyone like me to help them interpret the shadowy portents within their orb?",she murmured."I don't need help",said Ron."Its obvious what this means.There's going to be lots of fog tonight".You all burst out laughing.
  7. Trelawney began giving out,and then you heard her breath "My dear....",gazing up at Harry."It is here,plainer than ever before...my dear,stalking ever closer...the G-".Hermione interrupted."Oh for goodness sake! Not that ridiculous Grim,AGAIN!"."That is just STUPID!!",you joined in."I highly doubt that a giant DOG,will kill Harry! Voldemort couldn't,so why should a dog?!".Trelawney raised her eyes to you and Hermione.She stood up,surveying you both with unmistakable anger."I am sorry to say that since the moment you both arrived in this class,my dears,it has been apparent that you do not have what the fine art of divination requires.Indeed,I have never met anyone who's minds are so hopelessly mundane".There was silence for a minute.Then you and hermione both stood up at the same time."Fine!",you both said.You both crammed Unfogging the Future into your bags.You swung your bag over your shoulder,almost knocking Ron off his chair.You and hermione stormed over to the trap door,you kicked it open and jumped down.
  8. You and Hermione looked at each other,grinned and then high-fived.You were both SICK of Divination.You both went outside and sat down beside the tree beside the lake.You were quickly joined by the twins."______,my dear,how good to see you!",exclaimed George,teasing you.He pulled you to your feet and gave you a giant bear hug."Aaahh!!",you cried.As soon as George released you,he was replaced by Fred.When he released you from his hug,you sat back down,pretending to be sick.They sat facing you and Hermione,pretending to be sad."Aww,is poor Georgie and Freddie sad?",you said pushing their shoulders gently."No!" said Fred brightly."Thequidditchfinalissoonandwe'regonnawincuzwe'reawesomeandwe'rewayawesomerthanSlytherinyeah...!!!"."Fred is high",explained George."Right...",Hermione said.Fred looked to his right and then looked back,looking traumatized."What?",you asked."O-Oliver's coming!",he said.He and George looked at each other and ran away."Hey",said Oliver,sitting down.Hermione looked at you."Hi",you replied to Oliver and then looked at Hermione."What?"."Oh right,Oliver this is Hermione".
  9. *That was Part 11!! Please comment and rate and look out for part 12!! PLease take my other quiz series,'Hogwarts Marauder Era Love'.Thanks!*
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