Hogwarts Love Story

This is my first Hogwarts love story so I hope you all like it. I will make more soon. Please post a comment and rate and give me some beedback. Thank you.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? You have from year three to year seven to find love. Will you be friends or lovers?! Only you can decide your fate.

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. Before I start I want to give a shout out to my inspiration, natuhleegayle, Aria, HogwartsLove and 5thMarauder. You are all amazing, thank you!
  2. You climbed up onto the Hogwarts express, you looked for a friendly face. You spotted Ginny and Hermione a little way ahead of you. They smiled as you walked up. " hey guys, good summer?" "other than mums been a total neat freak and Percy isn't being a total prat yeah" you laughed at ginnys frankness. " Hermione?" " great actually, I've been to France! Cool hu?" you agreed before Hermione led you too a compartment further down. Inside were Harry Ron and Neville.
  3. "hi _____ , good summer?" Harry asked " not bad, too much potions homework though" Ron snickered and Neville groaned " tell me about it" he said as though in pain. Just then the door slid open and the twins came in fuming. " look at this, it's from Percy" Fred said thought gritted teeth. You eyed the letter as Harry took it. He scowled and handed it to Hermione and you, it said 'dear fred and george, I'm absolutely furious with you, your tricks ruined my N.E.W.T.s preparation. As your jokes have become more irresponsible I have taken the liberty of informing mum of your childish ways. If I were you I'd expect a howler. Sincerely, Percy' " he needs a good kick up the butt, that was awful!" Hermione said. You nodded your agreement. " if that makes you two say that it must be bad" Fred said " yeah, joint first in the class" George continued. You were about to make a snide comment when Ron said " talking of kicking butts" and in came Malfoy.
  4. " ugh, this compartment is contaminated by blood trators and mud bloods. I need disinfectant" Draco drawled " yeah, well I wouldn't put it past you to be Voldemorts BFF" George said " YOUR AUNT IS A DEATH EATER!!! SHE RIPPED APART MY FAMILY!!! " Neville screamed. " aw, does Longbottom miss his mummy?" Draco teased " get out you jerk" you hissed. Dracos eyes bore into yours, he smirked then left.
  5. " jerk is right _____, he's an idiot" but you weren't listening, you were busy comforting Neville who had gone pale. An hour passed in silence until Ginny said " yay sweets!" and sped off to the trolley. " hey ____ do you want anything?" you looked up surprised to see Neville, " no it's fine Neville really..." you began but Neville cut you off " it's the least I can do after you helped me earlier" you blushed but nodded. You watched half amazed half amused as Neville trotted off happily to buy your sweets. He came back with a box of Bertybots every flavour beans. You thanked him and began a game of exploding snap with Hermione and Ginny to pass the time.
  6. Suddenly the whole train went cold. " guys, Sirius black has escaped from askaban to come after me!" Harry whispered. You all gaped at him but said nothing as a hooded figured came in. Harry fainted and a professor sent him away. Soon Harry woke up. " you scared the frick out of us you know" you said. " professor lupin saved you" Hermione said as she handed him his glasses. Lupin handed out chocolate and left. " that was weired" Ron said. Harry seemed keen to get off the subject.
  7. Soon the train pulled into the station and a wave of first years squealed and fought to get off the train. You grinned at Harry and he said, " what are they like?" " us two years ago" you replied slyly. You jumped down to hear "firs' years this way. C'mon all firs' years folla me! " " good luck with this lot Hagrid!" you yelled. He waved at you and gave you the thumbs up. You followed Ron and Harry to the coaches, you claimed in one with the golden trio and Ginny and found yourself face to face with Oliver Wood. " hey there ___, how are you? I expect exceptional play from you. Now Katie Bell has left you and Harry are our number one players" here he grinned at Harry. " naa, we've given up Quidditch Oliver." you joked. Everyone laughed. The coach stopped outside Hogwarts castle. " home again" Harry sighed. You glanced at him and exchanged a knowing smile with Hermione, she too was muggle born.
  8. You walked up the stone steps to the great hall. You chatted for a while then watched the sorting. Then Dumbledore spoke " as you may be aware, Sirius black has escaped from Askaban, therefore Hogwarts will play host to the dementors of askaban until such a time when Sirius black has been captured. I must warn you, dementors and not forgiving, give them no reason to harm you. Now off to bed. Toddle pip!" " that was cheery" Ron said glumly. You sn-----ed as you headed to the common room.
  9. You slumped down in an armchair and sighed happily. You were back where you belonged. You heard a loud pop and behind you the twins appeared. " that's good freddy" george said. " oi you two, you scared the heck outta me!" Ron said indignantly. You all laughed. After about an hour you and Hermione went to bed.
  10. Okay so that's the end. How was it? It's my first one so I'm not expecting much, thanks.

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