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So, this is what I've been working on when not on the Forums, besides sleeping...and chores...and eating...Well, you get the idea. "Death is only the beginning." - Imhotep, The Mummy

I'm bored, I'm listening to my IPod, right now the song is: "Feels Like Tonight", by Daughtry. Daughtry is awesome..I only have one album :P Okay, I'll stop rambling on and let you read what I've to say.

Created by: liz_king97
  1. Okay, so at first, I tried not to make another Hogwarts love story. But, it went down that road anyway, so I'm restarting it.
  2. So, my friends on our Hogwarts soap should know about this already: I've proposed an idea to them, that we use my main character in there as "your" character in Hogwarts Forever.
  3. So, I guess now you get to wait a few more hours while I write Hogwarts Forever Part 1 (Revised).
  4. .....I've run out of things to say.....
  5. :O [bold] I HAVE BEEN MARRIED TO RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY FOR OVER A MONTH NOW!!!! [/bold] One month and 15 days, to be exact.
  6. I just want to say that I've been busy with studying for finals for the past two weeks, and then I got caught up in the Forums, so that's why I haven't gotten anything new out.
  7. Here's something random: I'm in the process of creating another "I Love Randomness" quiz: "I Love Randomness 2".
  8. You guys should read music826's and vulturemonem's Hogwarts Love Story quizzes. They are amazing!
  9. YAY! First Semester of High School is officially OVER!
  10. .........

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