Announcement! {Aria's}

Okay hi. It's Aria with some announcements, last minute birthday greetings, rants, etc. I mean, who wouldn't rant after they found out someone was stealing Nat's work?

And not to mention I have an announcement for all of you! I can't believe I'm actually excited though because it has to go with my A Simple Hogwarts Story. I'm remakinggg it ! (:

Created by: Aria

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  1. Firstly, I hoped everyone had a very Happy Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. I hoped you spent it the way you wanted. I hope you understand that Christmas isn't about presents or anything but it's about family. So I hope you enjoyed it. Without further ado, I will begin the ranting/announcements/stuff.
  2. Okay firstly, I know most of you have heard about that little TWIT on Quotev who stole Nat's quizzes? Honestly, most people on Quotev are freaking about it right now when I told them. They want to personally murder the kid. I want to give her piece of my mind. HOW CAN SHE STEAL NAT'S WORK? HOW DARE SHE EVEN TOUCH IT? HER FILTHY DEATH EATER HANDS ON NAT'S ANGELIC WORK? UGH. THIS IS GETTING ME SO ANGRY. I WANT THIS KID, WHOEVER SHE IS TO READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND THAT ONE DAY, SHE WILL PAY. SHE WILL PAY BECAUSE AN ENTIRE SITE OF PEOPLE ARE AFTER HER. EVERYONE ON QUOTEV IS ASHAMED OF THAT KID. SHE'S MAKING QUOTEV LOOK BAD. And Quotev isn't bad. SHE NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON.
  3. Secondly, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HOGWARTSLOVE? HogwartsLove is apparently taking a "hiatus" from her series called "Hogwarts." As I told her, I do not accept this. I will not accept it because HogwartsLove is one of the reasons we all smile around here. If she stops writing, I honestly don't know what I'll do. And it's just, I don't know. I think I actually felt my heart crush into pieces when I saw her quiz. Her writing is amazing and sooo wonderful. Why would she want to end it? I LOVE HER WORK and she has so much talent, it's incredible. Please HogwartsLove, don't stop, we need you.
  4. Thirdly, at least I have some good news. TheRecklessBam just posted part 41 in Teenage Chronicle. I suggest you read it after you're finished reading this. DROP ALL YOUR WEAPONS, TOOLS, CHORES, EVERYTHING and go read it, okay? Okay. Good. Gawd, Patch made me cry. He said he loves me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HE LOVES MEEEEE. I AM ARIA AND HE LOVES ME WHICH MEANS HE AND I ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER (:
  5. Oh and I have a HUGE announcement. Guys. This is huge for me. Guess what? I am rewriting A Simple Hogwarts Story. I know, I know I should've ended it but to my haters, HA, HA AND FINALLY, HA. I am rewriting and maybeee just maybe I'll actually have some pride. LOL. But seriously, if you have any ideas for it, tell me. (: I'm open for suggestions.
  6. Okay well there are a few people I would like to apologise to! Actually, I would like to apologise to everyone if I ever made you feel bad, or hurt your feelings. I'm a terrible person, I know. No need to be said twice. I am really sorry! Forgive me? (:
  7. Hey I know that 5thMarauder has a new series now and it would be absolutely MAGNIFICENT for you to check it out! And not to mention, check out all the other new series that are out and don't forget to rate their quizzes and comment. Tell those people how amazing their writing is.
  8. Okey. I want to know what happened to Missy Prissy Cat. I was reading TheRecklessBam's quiz and saw Calisto and suddenly remembered Missy Prissy Cat. Honestly, I miss her a lot. Where has she gone? It's nice to know she left an impact on us though. Everytime I watch Phineas and Ferb, I remember her and how she loved them. You guys can read her series called "Remember the future." It's an amazing one and I love it. The characters are well organised and everything is just perfect.
  9. Guys, I know I haven't been the 'Aria' that you know but I'm coming back into business. I love Gotoquiz and I'm not going to let it go to waste while others make a mess of it. Yeah I said that but I'm not calling names. Honestly Gotoquiz used to be my escape to everything and without it, I don't know who I am. Looking back on the past two years, I've learnt a lot from Gotoquiz. I will never forget the time Nat replied to my comment. I was so delighted because she was like a celebrity in my eyes. Gah I'm actually full of tears remembering that time. It was 7:00pm in my country and I was nervous and trembling. Oh well! Can't believe it though. My birthday is the day after tomorrow and my mum is making it a big deal. I don't see the big deal though. I mean yeah it's on the 1st but I wish we could have a family reunion here on Gotoquiz. D:
  10. Okay finally. I've been saving the best for last. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO THERECKLESSBAM! I hope you had the most wonderful birthday ever because you deserve it and you're absolutely perfect! (: Best wishes from the Gotoquiz family xoxo

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