I Am So Sorry! :(

I just want to say that...I'm not making more "Hogwarts Forever" quizzes. *collected gasp from audience* I know, I'm sorry, but it wasn't the thing for me.

And, so, I have made this to see how many people really like and take "Hogwarts Forever". I'd also like to hear in the comments about what everyone thinks about "Hogwarts Forever". Please don't be afraid to speak your mind, but also please refrain from using any foul language. It upsets me so much.

Created by: liz_king97

  1. I'm sorry, but I have to. They wouldn't work out the way I wanted them to, so I'm dropping Hogwarts Forever.
  2. I was just a little disappointed, because my quiz, "I Love Randomness" is more popular than "Hogwarts Forever".
  3. This morning, when I decided to check the stats for my quizzes, "I Love Randomness" had 32, and I only put it up a few days ago!
  4. Hogwarts didn't agree with my imagination. It just wouldn't work out. Now, there are other Harry Potter quizzes out there that are so much better than mine. Like music26's Hogwarts quizzes. And natuleegayle's Hogwarts Love Story quizzes that she has like 50 of. And there are so much more.
  5. ..... :(
  6. so.....
  7. bye...:/
  8. So, I'm starting a new series, called "Story of My Life"...a few love triangles, magic, and some really hot guys who try to kill you, but don't want to, because they don't think it's the "right thing to do". Will you check it out?
  9. bye.............
  10. choose an emoticon to show how you feel about me pausing the developement of "Hogwarts Forever"

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