About Me: Who Knows Me Best?

This is about me. I didnt want to make one of those cheesy myspace profiles or fill out one of those quizzes or surveys and junk. I thought maybe making a short little test would be less work. I was wrong. Please take this and reward my labor. Beside you might actually learn something.

How well do you know me, eh? Are you a stalker or party pooper? A talent scout or a fantasy football coach? A Shadle or a Tigner!!!!!?!?!?!? Take this thing. It's only like ten frickin questions and took me forever to do. Plus its got some cool stuff in there about me.

Created by: derek

  1. Where am i planning on attending collge?
  2. What to i plan to focus my studies on in college?
  3. Seeing as i talk too much for my liking its hard to come up with questions i havent overly-repeated the answers to. How about shoes size?
  4. Ok so my first name is not in fact Derek. It's Charles. Goofy as it may be, do you know where i get that name from?
  5. How many schools have i attended in the last 10 years?
  6. What is my dream job?
  7. What is my most prized possession?
  8. Whats my favorite T.V. show?
  9. What station never leaves my radio dial (unless Kristen Shadle or some other girls decides to be out of line)
  10. Last question. Because this quiz is start to even bore me. Lets make this one hard so i dont have to think about who might know what. Which former NFL punter sold my family the house we live in today?

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