Hogwarts Forever Part 1 (Revised)

Sorry this is late. :/ I've been busy with homework, and daydreams. This is the revised series of my old series, Hogwarts Forever. The title was inspired by Taylor Swift's song, "Sparks Fly". Before you say anything hateful about TS, I just wanna say that her songs have helped me through a lot, and I call them my "inspiration songs". Although you won't be seeing a whole bunch of sparks in the first or second year, there will be TONS of sparks flying in the third year. *grins evilly* Sage, Bianca, Nashy, and Max know this to be a fact.

As you should know by now, I decided to rewrite my Harry Potter series, Hogwarts Forever. I saw that it was becoming too much like a "love story" series, so here's Sparks Fly! In this, it starts out during the summer, before Year One. And guess what? The mail came! Oh, and my stupid laptop decided to shut down on itself down on its own, so it isn't like I first wrote it. So in this revised edition of Hogwarts Forever, you'll see more of your older siblings, and learn more your background in the beginning. Have fun, and immerse yourself in the life of Victoria Elizabeth Black.

Created by: josh
  1. "Victoria, time to get up!" I moan, and pull my blankets tighter around me. I hear my older sister, Sondra, come up the stairs to my room. "Victoria, Mum wants to see you downstairs." Sondra tugged on my covers, pulling them off. "Hey!" I cried. "I'm trying to sleep here!" Sandra sighed. "Tori get up. Your letter came."
  2. I jump out of bed and run down the stairs faster than you could say "˜Hippogriff'. Mum looked up from "The Daily Prophet" "Hello, dear. Can't wait for Hogwarts, then?" I grinned. "After hearing all about it from Sondra and Ender? It took all I had not to write to Professor Dumbledore and ask him to let me in early!" Mum laughed. "Well, you'll be starting this year, and I'm sure you'll have a fun time."
  3. I grinned, and- with a lot of eye rolling from Mum and Sondra- carefully tore open the thick envelope. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., of Chief Warlock, Supreme Magwump, International Confed. of Wizards) Dear Ms. Rain, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwrats School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonnagall, Deputy Headmistress
  4. "Congratulations, little sis!" Sondra hugged me. "Now, today's the 21, so I suppose we have to go get your things soon." She turned to Mum. "Should we drive to London, or take the Knight Bus?" I stared quizzically between Mum and Sondra. "What's the night bus?" I asked. "Does it only come at night?"
  5. Mum chuckled. "No, sweetie, the Knight Bus is a wizard-operated bus that Muggles cannot see." "So, we're going on this bus to London?" I asked, puzzled. Sondra looked to Mum, who shook her head. "Not yet, Sondra; she's only eleven. Maybe in a year or two." Sondra nodded. "Okay, Mum. Guess we're taking the car to London, Tori."
  6. I took out the second paper, and read it over. "Don't we have some spare dragon-hide gloves that don't fit anyone?" I asked. Sondra held up her finger, and ran out of the kitchen. Mum shrugged. "I guess you can have Sondra's old pair, even though we have plenty money for a new pair." I opened my mouth to argue, but Mum cut me off. "No, it's all right. Sondra's pair is still in good shape, so they should serve you well." Mum glanced down at the list of supplies. "I think we can go through your brother's old things as well. I'm fairly sure his pewter cauldron is in good condition."
  7. I know, you guys are gonna kill me for doing this, but..... *ONE WEEK LATER* I'm sorry, but I have no idea what to put, since I really want to get to Hogwarts already.
  8. "Where to first?" I gulped, and scanned my list again. "My wand?" I asked, unsure. Sondra and Ender smiled. "This way, little sister." Ender said, and steered me towards an ancient- looking store. Sondra pushed open the door, and breathed in deeply, grinning. "Olivander," she called softly. An ancient-looking man walked out of nowhere, his hands behind his back. "Mr. and Miss Rain! What a pleasant surprise." The man- Olivander- peered down at me. "And who is this?" he asked softly "Vi- Victoria Rain," I stuttered. Oliver smiled absently, his eyes flickering over my features. "You look a great deal like your father," he said at last.
  9. Sondra and Ender shared pained looks. "Our sister is here for her wand, Mister Olivander." Olivander stood up. "Her first year?" "Yes," "You remember the Potters?" Sondra looked up at Mister Olivander. "Our father was a great friend of James'." She said quietly. "And we don't usually speak about him in front of Victoria. She was...very young when he died." Olivander nodded. "The wand, then," he muttered, and took a random box off a shelf. He looked at me again, and half-smiled. "This wand is made with the same core as your father's. Dragon heartstring." Sondra made a swishing movement with her hand, and I copied it, making a whole shelf of wand boxes fly off. "I'm sorry!" I cried out. Olivander chuckled. "No, not that one," He muttered, and took off, opening and closing boxes fast as a tornado. He tossed me another wand, which made the light explode. Olivander snatched that one out my hand, and rummaged through different boxes, finally settling on one. He stared at it fondly, and walked back over to me. "Holly and Unicorn tail, pliable. Like your mother's."
  10. I felt warm feeling spread throughout my body, and I grinned. This was the right one for me. Sondra looked at me, and placed seven Galleons on the counter. "I guess we'll be off, then. Good day, Olivander," Ender took my hand, and we went across the cobblestone street for ice cream. "Can I see your wand, Victoria? Just for a few seconds." Ender rolled my new wand between his hands, and smiled. "It doesn't fit me, but then again..." Ender smiled. "The wand does choose the wizard."
  11. After Sondra walked out of Olivander's, Ender stood up. "Time to get your books now, Tori." He pointed to a more modern-looking shop. "Flourish and Blots. All of your school books can be bought there." Ender handed me a dark blue money bag. "Here; Sondra and I will split up and buy the rest of your things, while you get your books. You have your list, right?" I tapped the pocket of my jeans. Sondra nodded, and kissed the top of my head. "See you in a bit, Victoria. Meet us back here, okay?" I nodded. "Bye Sondra, Ender." I pushed back my chair, and was immediately pushed aside. "Sorry!" A girl about my age apologized. "I was just running from Fred and George. I'm Sage, by the way. Sage Parson." Sage held out her hand, and grinned. I smiled back timidly. "I'm Victoria. Tori Rain." Sage glanced behind her shoulder. "Hey, where are you going? Maybe I can get them lost looking for me." "I'm going to get my books. Do you want to come?" Sage grinned. "Books." She laughed. "They'll never guess I went into the book shop! Let's go, Tori!" She grabbed my hand, and we ran.

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