Histology: Epithelum,Gland, Bone & Cartilage

Are you HOT or NOT? Come and test your brain to see if you match up to expectations of Dr. Solomon. It's a simple test that will aid you in your studies in becoming a Histology genius.

Histology is an integral part of the journey in becoming doctors. It is necessary to know what is happening to the body at the cellular level. So take the test and improve your histology knowledge. Good luck.

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  1. Which is not true about the Epithelial tissue
  2. Epithelial cells gain nutrition by:
  3. Simple columnar epithelia are located in all EXCEPT
  4. 4) The basal laminae have many functions such as: a) influencing cell polarity; b) organizing the protein in adjacent plasma membranes; c) retaining structural composition of tissue cells; and d) secretion of extracellular fluid.
  5. Which is true about the Palatine tonsil
  6. True or False. The pancreas contains both exocrine and endocrine glands
  7. An example of a compound tubuloacinar gland is
  8. What is NOT TRUE about the pancreatic islets (Islets of Langerhans)
  9. Juxtacrinal biosignaling occurs in
  10. True or False. The basal laminae can be seen under a light microscope
  11. These are not precursors of Osteoblasts
  12. An osteon consist of: a) Haversian canal; b)Osteocytes within their lacunae; c) Canaliculi; d)Osteoblasts
  13. Osteoclasts are bone altering cells that reabsorb bones and are derived from:
  14. Megakaryocytes are cells responsible for:
  15. First bone that ossifies in the body of a foetus is:
  16. The Connective tissue originates from:
  17. Reticular Connective tissue is composed of
  18. What function does this/these of collagen type have (collagen type I, V, XI)
  19. Fibroblast and other collagen producing cells will secrete tropocollagen and is polymerized to collagen
  20. Which location is incorrectly matched to the collagen present
  21. The development and growth of long bones both before and after birth is not dependent on cartilage.
  22. The perichondrium is all of the following EXCEPT ONE
  23. Appositional growth is:
  24. Instestinal glands located in the GI tract are both:
  25. Which of these does not belong in the connective tissue classification of cells
  26. This is a large, white blood cell with a bilobed nucleus and contains large cytoplasmic granules that fill the cytoplasm.
  27. The Verhoeff's staining method is used to stain
  28. Which type/s of collagen is present in fibrocartilage:
  29. Which group is correctly matched?

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