The Godly Quiz

Many hath strove to become the wisest man on Earth. One person may have accomplished just that; King Solomon, who got his wisdom from God. He did not know as much as God himself, though, but YOU might!

You will find out here, with this very un-scientific quiz, if you're a genius (or God Himself,) close to genius, not close, or do you just fail at knowledge of the unnecessary?

Created by: Matthew C.
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  1. Welcome to the Godly quiz. Let's start easy. What was the first emoticon ever used?
  2. That wasn't so hard, now was it? Well, it's going to be. If you're reading this around the time I make it, the second Alvin and the Chipmunks movie is almost out. What is the scientific name for chipmunks?
  3. If Panthera Leo didn't immediately say "Lion!" in your mind, then you won't do well on this quiz. ...I hope these questions stay in order. How much light does a comet reflect?
  4. This quiz hopefully puts a smile on your face. Speaking of which, who invented the standard yellow smiley face?
  5. The age and gender questions at the beginning don't matter at all, so rest easy. What is the Roman Numeral for 500?
  6. Time for some evil. How many teeth do pigs have?
  7. If you hate singing the National Anthem, because you hate America or it's just too long, imagine singing the National Anthem in Greece, "Hymn to Freedom". How many verses does it have?
  8. If you browse Wikipedia because you're bored, you might have found this out. What was Facebook called before "Facebook"?
  9. Video games are a part of everyday life these days. But it all started with one iconic game. When did Super Mario Bros. come out?
  10. By the way, in that one I meant in America. What was the FIRST video game?
  11. Shame on you if you got that wrong. Anyway, Nintendo, the video game giant, has gotten pretty wealthy. As of 2009, who is the richest person on Earth?
  12. Enough with video games... Onto even better technology! What is the most visited Website in the world?
  13. The Internet has changed human life forever. When was it first available to the public?
  14. Technology today seems like magic to old people, but imagine how it is to a woman in Indiana, the oldest person alive. How old is she?
  15. Speaking of age, movies are older than you think they are. "The Horse in Motion", the first movie ever made, with 16 frames, came out when?
  16. Walt Disney invented animation. When was he born?
  17. Mikhail Kalashnikov invented the AK-47. How much much does said assault rifle way?
  18. The United States are/is one of the world giants. I think. How many square miles does the US cover?
  19. Robert Wadlow (1918–1940) was the tallest person in recorded history. How tall was he?
  20. What is the definition of "Penultimate"?
  21. With this last question, I bid you a fond farewell. Who invented the pencil?

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