HHS - Music (w/o CD)

This is for the students of Heritage High School who have worked so hard to try to make their dreams of going to Hawaii reality! Try your best to get the perfect 1000 to secure gold as well as a trip to nationals!

Do you have the skill necessary to get the perfect score to punch your ticket to the "Aloha State." Well lets find out! Good luck and as said in one of the Star Trek or Star Wars movies "May the force be with you."

Created by: Chris Meadows
  1. Specific pitch is determined by its
  2. The term that describes the distance between two different tones is
  3. The focus in Chinese musical construction can be BEST be described as
  4. The two-stringed fiddle was adopted into the musical mainstream in the
  5. The nineteenth-century fascination with Asian culture was known as
  6. Which of these BEST describes 'phrase'?
  7. Tension in music is MOST often created through
  8. Specific Chinese elements are found MOST often in Western music from which era?
  9. When music changes keys, it is
  10. Which is NOT a physical part of a violin?
  11. Which musical element reflects the philosophy of I Ching in the work "Music of Changes I" by Cage?
  12. Which term does NOT indicate tempo?
  13. How many pedals does the modern grand piano have?
  14. Indicate the name of the composer of the film score, "Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon."
  15. The instrument believed to BEST express ancient Chinese views of music was the
  16. Daqu form is commonly defined as
  17. Indicate the term for the Chinese "eight sounds" system
  18. The primary consideration in Chinese music is BEST described as
  19. Chinese music MOST often uses how many tones?
  20. For Chinese music, the concept of orientation refers to
  21. The erhu has how many strings?
  22. Another term for the qin is
  23. Peking opera was first established around
  24. Which term BEST describes the Communist regime's relationship with China's artists?
  25. Chen Yi is a
  26. The fundamental pitch of the Chinese tonal system is known in English as the
  27. How many forms does a Chinese scale have?
  28. Choose the adjective that BEST describes the relationship between Western art music and Chinese music.
  29. The "Yellow River Concerto" was composed by a
  30. Which dynamic range is the opposite of PP?
  31. Identify the Western-European composer that used Japanese idioms in his world.
  32. "Das Lied von der Erde" by Mahler reflects Chinese influence in
  33. How would the current relationship between Western Pop and Chinese music be described?
  34. The work, "Beijing Impressions", by Steike incorporates which Chinese aspect?
  35. Which vocal range is MOST equivalent to the range of a Euphonium?
  36. Which is NOT a Chinese instrument?
  37. In ancient Chinese times, music was thought to

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