How Important is music?

Lots of people love music, but are you truly a music worshipper? Or does it hurt your ears to listen to an awesome guitar rift? Find out if you love music more than most in this quiz.

There is so much music out there. Not only american music, but japanese, french, german, spanish, korean, all types of music! The language of music is universal, like nothing else in the world. Take this quiz to find out if you truly love music or if its just a way to pass the time for you.

Created by: jrocklover

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  1. How often do you listen to music?
  2. Do you enjoy all kinds of music? (And I'm talking ALL kinds- jrock, kpop, bollywood, french pop, german rock, salsa, classical, you name it)
  3. Do you sing or play an instrument?
  4. How many music classes are you in in school? (If you're not in school, put how many you took on average)
  5. Can you read or write music?
  6. How many songs do you own?
  7. How many of these artists have you heard of? Tokio hotel, utada hikaru, evanescence, the subways, miyavi, cassie
  8. What would you do if there was no music in the world?
  9. Do you love music?
  10. Do you teach others to love music through a band, choir, giving lessons, etc.?

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