Will you get a scholarship?

A scholarship is important, if you want to make it to college. And college is important if you want a high-payng job or if you want to take acting or music or whatever.

This quiz may vary from your real life. Don't take it seriously if you get a low score. It's not that big of a deal. Only you can change what you become in the future. It's not like, I control you or something, you know?

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Do you do your homework?
Yes, of course!
I'm not bothered.
What's homework?
Do you play sports at school?
Yes, of course!
No, I just hang around the house.
How do you describe your last report card?
Straight A's.
Couple of B's, bust mostly A's.
C's, B's, and A's.
D's and C's. I'm going to be an actor, school is unnecessary.
D's and F's and maybe one C.
Straight F's.
Are you always late for class?
Never, I'm perfect!
Once... two years ago... I tripped...
Sometimes, but not really frequently.
At least once a week.
I'm usually late.
I'm always late.
How many times to do you get in trouble, anually?
I sometimes get told to shut up, but that's it.
I'm just a clown.
I get in many fights.
Detentions every week.
22 suspensions in one semester. (Sadly, a real report)
Do you understand Algebra.
Yes, it's really simple, you see E= (I didn't ask you, stfu!)
It's pretty easy.
Not a problem... usually.
I'm having slight problems.
It's pretty hard.
WTF is algebra?
How good do you do in tests?
I am perfect! I once got a 103 % because I completed the 6 paragraph summary on the Theory of Relativity which was extra credit!!
I'm pretty good, I don't fail if that's what you mean.
I'm average, ya know?
I study, but always mess up.
Don't ask, please.
Let's just say... I've only teared it.
What do you think about at school?
Oh, a test is coming up! Yes! I'm gonna take a te-est, I'm gonna get an A.
I hope I studied enough last night.
Not another day...
That S.O.B/Slut Kenny is dead!
Let's see, I'll fight Aaron at 1 P.M and Erick in CSI.
I'll skip this day.
Do you copy off answers?
Hell no! I'm not a cheater!
No, I kinda just answer them myself.
Sometimes, like, in a VEERY hard test I didn't study for, I might look at one answer.
Yes, occasionally.
Of course! All the time, especially since that Nerd-o Tymina sits next to me, too busy eating her boogers to recognize me taking her paper.
I forgot what it's like not to cheat...
Do you suck up for higher grades?
No, I earn them!
Only when I REALLY need to.
Ha, I'm a master.
A1A, A1A, A1A, A1A. Let's look at my portfolio, F, F, F, F.

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