Which Major Music Movement Do You Belong In?

Music has undergone many dramatic shifts since its inception, leading to various styles completely different from each other. Music, more than any other medium, truly reflects who we are as people.

Find out which type of music is YOUR type of music! Are you unconventional, apathetic, or just bizarre? Are you in touch with today's music, or are you an expert on the past? Find out which music style suits your personality the most!

Created by: ADJ

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  1. Alright, so we know music has nothing to do with colours, not unless you're stoned. But anyway, go on ahead and pick one.
  2. When you want to relax, you:
  3. If there's a party going on, do your friends tell you to get the music?
  4. Alright, what time period do you wish you were born in, if only so you could appreciate the music being composed as you saw it happen.
  5. Pick a symbol.
  6. Music is:
  7. Have you ever played an instrument?
  8. Pick some of your favourite musicians.
  9. Who introduced you to the music you listen to?
  10. Lastly, were you listening to music while you were taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Major Music Movement do I Belong In?