Heaven story quiz part 2

this is the second part of my quiz and it gets kind of really rude in this one so if your really little you might not wanna continue.

Ok if you didnt do the 1st quiz.Danny is your best friend and he's locked up because you two got kidnapped.Chad really wants you but Danny is warning you about him.Peter is trying to help you save Danny and get out of there.

Created by: Tabsta

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  1. So as you follow Chad along you see that Danny isnt in his original cell.But dont question it because you no that he will just get angry again with you.He brings you into a bathroom and a bath is filled with rose petals and next to it is a floral-patterned bikini.
  2. Chad tells you that he ran you a bath but needs to check up on u regurly so he got u a bikini.He closes the door to let u change and u do wat he says and get into the bikini and leave ur clothes by the door and u get in2 the bath.
  3. While ur in the bath Chad sneaks in when ur not looking and steals ur clothes changing them with a tight ,low cut tank top with the middle cut out and a skirt so high you can c ur underwear.He also grabbed ur underwear and replaced it with a thong.When you got out you closed the door to change and found ur clothes different but changed into them anyway.
  4. When you come out of the bathroom you feel uncomfortable about how you look.Peter comes along and sees you"r u ok?" "No!Chad stole my clothes"you say. "well, Ive got something to cheer u up.Come on!"Peter says. He leads you through a tiny door into a tiny room and then theres another tiny door.You both go through it and theres Danny locked up.
  5. "we have 2 b quick ____. Chad will b lookin 4 u soon."Peter says."DANNY!"you say and run ova 2 give him a big hug wich he gives bak."Look ____.I need u 2 do something 4 me."Danny says urgently."yea wat?"u say nervous."Chad wont kill me unless u b real slutty with him.so i need u 2 b really sxy.WITH HIM!otherwise i will die"Danny says to u.He shakes u then but ur completely shocked so he gives u a quick kiss on the lips.
  6. when u and Peter sneak back Chad is waiting.You tell him that u just got out of the bath and u bumped in2 Peter who helped u find ur way bak.He then smiles and comes towards u.He slowly lifts 1 hand and holds ur face while the other he pulls u closer.Then he puts his hand on ur boob and gives u a big passionate kiss with tongues.You remember wat Danny said and start 2 passionately kiss him bak.But wen u look out of the corner of ur eye u c Peter giving u a thumbs up thoe u can tell by his face he's bummed that uve kissed the others but not him.
  7. Suddenly Chad stops kissing u and u feel relieved cuz ur now supa tired.Chad and Peter could both c u r really tired so they say that theyll c u 2morow.U then remember u betta chek the wardrobe 2 c if theres any normal clothing but all u find r tops that show 2 much,miniskirts that show ur butt and fishnet leggings that ur supposed 2 wear by themselves with a massive hole of where the butts go.You chek the underwear drawer and their all just thongs.You start 2 get really annoyed by wat ur supposed 2 wear.so u go 2 sleep fully dressed.
  8. When you wake up Peter's in a bed across the other side of the room.So u turn around expecting 2 c Chad in another bed on the other side of the room.But when you look he is in THE SAME BED AS U!Alarms set off in ur head and he is staring at u"u no u look beutiful wen u sleep ___"says Chad.You say thx as u quickly jump out of the bed accidentally bringing the covers with u.U look up about 2 say ur sorry wen u say Chad naked.Then u look down and c u r 2!
  9. ok guys thats the end you will hav 2 wait 4 part 3 now 2 c wat happens with Chad.
  10. Also part 3 is the last 1 srry guys!

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