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This is for GIRLS ONLY! I am starting from year three because in One and two you are too young to do any of this love stuff. I hope you like my quiz. It took me about a week to actually make it. Sorry if there are any misspelled words I kind of rushed and i'm a really fast typer.

I made this beacause I really like Harry Potter. Also I was inspired by natuhleegayle. I read her series in about 3 days or less. I read it at night until 1 am. I read it while eating. I read it while I waited for the ball to ring at school. I read it in the quad at lunch and also read it after I was done with home work. I got so addicted that I made my own as you can see.

Created by: sam singer17

  1. Before you start please listen to this on youtube: 1-5/watch?v=LI1lRp2HTYA. 6-end /watch?v=U84_w4Sm9UA. Thank you! And please read my friend Natuhleegayle's Harry Potter Love Story series if you haevn't yet.
  2. {Jimmy's P.O.V}I don't want to kill _______. She's sweet, caring and she sticks to what she believes in. No wonder all the guys, including me, like her. She's a great girl. if I wasn't an agent I would try to get to know her."Good morning Jimmy, how was your sleep?" she said. Her voice sounding very angel like."U-um, it was wonderful. How was yours?" I said feeling very stressed and guilty. "Well, it was a sleep. So, want to go to breakfast?" She said. I wish I did't have to kill her. She would be perfect. As soon as she stepped out of the common room and into the staircases, Neville popped up and handed her flowers.She smiled and said,"Aw Neville you remembered? And these are my favorite flowers too. Be right back let me put these in water and let me get your git." Then she ran to her dorm. I just went to the great hall just ditching ______.
  3. {Your P.O.V} You put the flowers in a vase and grabbed a box of assorted seeds with a bow on top. You quickly ran down stairs, gave Neville a kiss on the cheek and gave him the Seeds."Happy friendship anniversary!" You both said. You both broke into laughter and walked to the great hall. You did,'t even notice that Jimmy was gone. Once again somebody dragged you away. It was Oliver he said,"_______ ________, will you please be my girlfriend? I know I said we would go out on a date first, but I couldn't wait." Then Cho tapped Oliver's shoulder."Hi Oliver! Ready for our date?" she asked. Your eyes filled with tears and you made your way to the , even though you already knew what Cho meant. You began to cry then you tripped and fell on you face. You ran to the astronomy tower You sat in the middle of the floor hugging your knees, crying, filled with despair and loss. You took off Draco's bracelet so he would't know you were crying. You just sat there until you heard a familiar voice. "Are you okay, ______? I saw you run off." You turned your head to see who it was. It was none other than, Ron. He sat next to you and wiped away your tears. You told him about what had just happened. You rested your head on his shoulder. After a few moments of silence Ron finally said, "______, this is the hardest thing to say but, I know Oliver and he wouldn't do that. He's a great person and leader. Say yes to him." You turned you face him, his face had no emotion."Ron-." "No _______, just say yes to him." He closed his eyes and forced a smile. You nodded your head and watched the sun set on the horizon. After a while Ron said, "Well it's pretty dark now we should head to our comon rooms." he helped you up and walked with you until it was time to seperate. "Good night _______, good luck with Oliver." Then he walked away.
  4. You sighed and walked to your common room. Not long after you noticed you forgot your bracelet. You quickly ran to the astronomy tower to get it. When you got there your gaze was set on the full moon. You were mesmerized. The next thing you new you transformed into a grey wolf. {Wolf mode} You were not able to control yourself. You jumped out a window. You howled and the next thing you knew you were with a black wolf. It was non other than Sirius black. He transformed into a man and you transformed to yourself."Sirius!" you gave him a hug. "Hello,_______. How's life with that witch you have to call your mother?" he said. You scowled and said,"Not good. But she upgraded my eating. She went from no food to a piece of toast everyday. Remus is my D.A.D.A teacher. No surprise, right?" He smiled and nodded his head."How's my god son Harry?" he asked. "Harry's your god son?""Yes. Did i never tell you?""No...""Well then, Harry is my god son.""Okay Sirius, he's doing fine." you were shocked at what he had just said. All of a sudden you saw Oliver running twords you. You looked to your side and Sirius was gone."______! Get inside! Sirius is hidden somewhere in the castle. Until he is found we have to sleep in the great hall. What are you doing out here?" he said still catching his breath."Um okay let me get my bracelet from the astronomy tower and I was out here because I needed fresh air." you said trying to make up a good excuse.(Notice you didn't turn into a wolf first night back? Well that's because you couldn't with Oliver around.)Oliver nodded his head and headed inside. You transformed into a wolf and quickly ran to the astronomy tower. When you got there, you transformed back to human form."Wow, I've been a werewolf for as long as I remember and I'm still not used to it." you said to yourself. you picked up the bracelet and put it on. You called Draco to make sure it was alright."Yes, _______?" you heard him say. You started walking to the great hall."been a while since we've talked." "It's been like a day!" "That's a million years in my head." You both laughed. When you got to the great hall you carefully made your way over to Draco and covered his eyes."Guess who?" you said trying your best to sound like Pansy.Draco growled and said,"Pansy, i don't have time for games." you laughed and said,"But I'm not Pansy you git." He removed your hands, turned around and said,"______, er, I knew it was you!" You smiled and said "sure you did Draco. And I'm a werewolf." "But I di- okay fine I didn't." You smiled and layed down next to him. he whispered,"I know you actually are a werewolf, _______. I saw you transform. I felt you take off the bracelet. I went up to the astronomy tower to get it and I saw you transform." You blushed and thought to him,"Promise you won't tell anyone?" He nodded his head and layed down. You faced him and before you knew it you were asleep. {Dreaming} You were sitting in the corner of a dark room, with little light. You were wearing a black torn dress. You sat there in the corner, hugging your knees and crying. Suddenly the door swung open. Draco came running to you, picked you up and said,"______, Oliver is waiting for you at the chaple. Get changed into your wedding dress quickly!" He put you down and your clothes transformed into a beautiful wedding dress.(Of your choice) You opened the doors and the band started to play. you made your way to the front of the room. But it seemed to get farther and farther. Suddenly it dissapeared. You could hear Oliver thought. He was thinking,"How do I ask ______ out again? Hmmmmm? I know the Hogsmeade trip! I'll ask her on a date then ask her to be my girl, during the date!" {end of dream} You woke up to somebody choking you. You opened your eyes and saw Cho choking you. Oliver pushed her out of the way."Cho! You are crazy! Just because you like me doesn't mean you have you have to kill the girl I love!" he said helping you up. Cho made a face and walked away."______, you okay?" Oliver asked. You nodded you head and rubbed your scar.
  5. {3 weeks later} "Attention students you may attend your original schedules." Dumbledore said. You quickly made your way to the quidditch field, for today was the first match as the seeker. You were against the Slytherin. You grabbed your broom and met up with your team. On your way you saw Draco. You smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back. Marcus Flint hit him on the back of his head. You rolled your eyes and said to Draco through the bracelet,"Hey, you okay? Flint is a real mother(censored), isn't he?" He looked at you and nodded his head. You laughed and took the bracelet off, so you wouldn't lose it. The match had begun. You quickly try to find the snitch. You look around and see a bit of gold, Draco must have seen it too because not long after you went after it he started to chase it. While you were chasing it you heard a voice in your head. You tried to ignore it by shaking your head. But it grew louder and louder, you could understand it it said, "As soon ______ wins I'm going to tell her I love her." you recognized that voice, it was Draco's.You kept shaking your head so you could stop hearing that. You turned your head to look at him, but he wasn't next to you, he was behind you. You shook your head. Then, out of the blue you were hit in the head with a bludger. You fell hurtling twords the ground. Fortunately Draco caught you only a few meters from the ground. Your eyes began to close. You could hear everyone you knew screaming your name, but you didn't wake up.
  6. {Dreaming}"________, I love you, why can't you except that? Do you only need me as a brother?" you heard there voice, it was a sad and sorrowful tone. You slowly opened your eyes. You heard somebody scream,"She's waking up! Hurry guys, hurry!" When your eyes were fully open you saw all your friends all around you. You smiled a weak smile and said in a very weak tone,"I-I'm fine guys. Oliver, th-the answer is, y-yes." You grabbed his hand. You felt very weak."C-can I get s-some food and water? I'm starved!" You said forcing a smile. Everyone laughed and Ron gave you a box of chocolate frogs that were on the table next to you. You ate it very quickly and said feeling stronger,"How long was I out?" Everyone frowned until your new boyfriend,Oliver, said,"A week." You frowned."Did you do my homework for me Hermione? I-I'm really thirsty can I please have some water?" you joked and grabbed a bottle from Neville's hand. You gulped it down and let out a sigh. You noticed you didn't have your bracelet on. "H-has anyone seen my bracelet?" you asked looking around." The one I gave you?" asked Draco. You nodded your head. You ran to the quidditch field to find it. You had a bandage on your head so you took it off. Everyone ran after you. You looked on the ground for it. You looked up at the full moon. Your eyes turned a shade of grey. "Run guys! Get as far as you can from me!" you said starting to feel the moon trying to transform you. Draco pushed everyone away. You howled and transformed into your wolf form. {Wolf mode} You could only see black and white. You ran into the school and saw Draco. He looked at you and said, "______? Is that you?" You brushed up against him. You heard a howl and ran after it. It lead you to the whomping willow. There you saw Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius,Wormtail, and Lupin. You transformed back to human form. All of them looked straight at you. "_____! What are you doing here?" Sirius said. You rolled your eyes and said, "Full moon, I'm a werewolf and I came here because, um well I don't know." Wormtail picked up a wand, uses a spell and transformed into a rat. You looked at the full moon and said, "Lupin the moon!" Slowly he transformed into a werewolf. Hermione carefully stepped closer and closer to him. When he was about to attack her, you and Sirius quickly transformed and attacked him. He was about to attack Harry, but he heard howls and he ran away. Harry and Sirius ran after him. You heard someone coming out of the willow so you quickly transformed. Out came Sanpe. He said, "Ms.________, what are you doing here? You should be back at the castle resting. Your head is still injured." You ran your fingers through your hair, you looked at your fingers and they were covered with blood. You soon fell to the ground and closed your eyes.
  7. When you woke up you were in a bed next to Ron."Hey sleeping beauty, your finally wake." Ron said while smiling. You smiled weakly. You looked around and noticed Harry and Hermione were gone." Where are Harry and Hermione?" you asked. Just then they came running in. You couldn't help but just ask,"Where's Sirius?" Harry didn't answer. Just then Oliver, Draco, Fred, George, and Neville came in with a bus load presents."Thanks for bringing the presents, Draco." said Neville."Yeah,yeah. Whatever, I'm only bringing these for ________." he said in reply. Oliver angrily said,"Hey, hey she's my girl. So back off." Fred and George just laughed. Then they noticed you were awake. Fred and George smiled and said, "_______, your looking fine and awake." You smiled, for you missed there joking around. You were glad all of your friends were okay and healthy. But you noticed two things."Hey did you find the bracelet Draco? Also, have you seen Jimmy? Haven't seen him in what, like five weeks!" you said curiously. Draco smiled and handed you the bracelet. Madam Pomfrey then came into the room." All of you but Miss _______ and Mister Weasly out of the room." she said. "Now, Miss _______, I have some bad news for you. Your friend Jimmy has gone missing last night. And Mister Weasly, you may go back to your original schedule." she said. You sighed and looked out the window. "Also, Miss _______, you may leave and go to your dorm and come here everyday for about 4 weeks so I can change your bandages. Are you going to stay for Christmas?" she said. You nodded your head and wrote your name on a list of a few people including Ron, Harry, Oliver, red, George, Neville and Draco. You weren't surprised that Draco and Harry were staying. You thanked Mrs. Pomfrey and went got out of the room with Ron. When you opened the door, Oliver ran straight at you and spun you around. You smiled and hugged him." I'm so gald your okay. I thought you were a goner!" You looked at everybody else's facial expression, they were all mad that you were with Oliver now.
  8. When you all left you were going a different way than the others. You were alone on your way to your common room. As you walked through the hallway you remembered all the memories you had with all your new friends. Sadly you only had three with Jimmy. You only knew him for a short amount of time. But still, he was one of your best friends. When you opened the door there in the couch was Jimmy. He didn't look like the same person you knew though. He was wearing black clothing, his black hair was messy, and his eyes were no longer a shade of blue, they were now a very bright red. He didn't see you standing at the entrance, nor did he hear the door open and close. He was only watching the fire. The color flame then changed to blue and green. An portal opened and he walked in. You slowly walked forward and hid behind furniture. as soon as he fully was in the portal, it closed and the flame of the fire was back to normal. You ran upstairs quickly and called Draco saying, "Draco! Draco! I just saw Jimmy! Mrs.Pomfrey told me he went missing but I just saw him! He opened up a portal then stepped in and disappeared!" "Hold on. did you say Jimmy? Jimmy who?" he asked. You answered very nervously, "J-Jimmy McGowan. He's been a Hufflepuff for all three years." "______, I just asked Snape and there is no Jimmy McGowan in the school." You transformed into a wolf quickly ran to the Slytherin common room door transformed back and screamed, "Draco! Draco! It's _______! Open up!" Just then somebody opened the door and pulled you in. "How did you get here so fast?" You transformed into a wolf and back into a human." I'm a werewolf remember?" you said. You looked around and noticed Marcus Flint staring at you. He winked and you and you yelled, "Dream on you punk! I will never date a vermin like you!" Draco covered your mouth before you said anything you would regret. You calmed down and whispered," What do you mean there's no Jimmy?!" "Well I don't know." he said. "How did Mrs.Pomfrey know about him then?" you asked."Well maybe she heard you and since you were hit in the head, probably thought you just imagined him." he said trying to think of a reason. You sighed and just gave up."Well okay, fine I'll just lock that up in my head and forget it." You both shook hands and smiled. You kissed Draco on the cheek and said good night. Once you exited the common room you started for your room. But, you were stopped by Fred and George."Hey, ________. Can you come with us?" Fred asked. You shook your head"I'm sorry guys but" George put a cloth in your mouth and Fred blindfolded you. Once again they dragged you somewhere. This time it was a longer trip. When they took off the blindfold and took out the cloth you were at the top of the clock tower.
  9. Hello! I hate to put a damper on things but... CLIFF HANGER! Sorry about that. I kinda wanted to stop it because I'm going to dye my hair redder and I wanted to get this out today. Be grateful I got this out earlier than expected! Remember XStayLovelyX
  10. Extra Box! Bye!

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