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  • You're quite ambition. I mean, you have just started the start of your series and already, you're tackling such emotions and depth as well as complexing the plot. You should take it slow! I admit , i was quite shock when the first lines I read were "i don't want to kill her" my reaction was like "what did I miss here?"

    i really also like your execution with the song and the second question. that was really emotional and the song fit. Oliver asking ___ to be his girlfriend however cho comes in and the lyrics go "Who am i to say you love me?" Well done

  • @Natuhleegayle- Thank you for that. I chose the two song I did because, well I chose Thriller because, you know werewolf. And I chose Who am I to Say because I though it would fit that.

    sam singer17
  • Hmm...quite interesting ! xD I liked it (: Btw, Oliver and I ARE getting married sometime this month Thank you x XD

  • if youu need an anime pic of Neville, try searching on zerochan.net , it should have a cute pic ( I think... )


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