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  • Your Final Score Was 92%

    Wow! Either you googled those lyrics or you are a TV theme song genious! You must watch a lot of TV.


    AlyTheCalicoCat Apr 29 '18, 4:45PM
  • I didn't know any of those shows so yeah😓

    Ginnyprincess Oct 11 '16, 3:37AM
  • 27%? Im gonn say i dont know 25/26 tv shows listed here. The only one i can bet i know was the very very last one. That was totally Full house

    Eat Potatoes Feb 7 '16, 11:42AM
  • OK well I'm not old the only reason I no Reba golden girls and full house is BC I watched reruns as a kid so btfu

    pamela 1330 Aug 7 '15, 1:03AM
  • I'm only 10 too the only show I knew is Boy Meets World and the only song I knew was... NONE OF THEM!!! Because I spend more time on video games than TV

    SupaSwag Jul 29 '15, 10:30AM
  • 12% whoohoo!

    PUTZthecat100 May 25 '15, 3:59PM
  • Did it work, mormier? Did it really work and was worth the effort?? S:(

    Lizzzy Jan 19 '15, 3:44PM
  • Psh, I gave up after the sixth question. I know the names of most of the shows but I just don't know the answers. Exept for a few that my parants watch like Scrubs or ones that I watch like I Love Lucy. Well built quiz though. :)

    Wendee30 Dec 18 '14, 11:22PM
  • Does anyone know I love Lucy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or boy meets world that is under 25 lmao my generation sucks

    Theresarosehemmo Dec 5 '14, 10:54AM
  • 0% . these shows are old though. try doing one for kids.

    Rockblock Nov 17 '14, 9:59PM
  • MEAN!

    Jo The Hater 2 Sep 3 '14, 2:41PM
  • 0

    miss berry rose Aug 3 '14, 7:07PM
  • Calling this quiz dumb because you don't know the answers is pretty immature, guys. All of these shows are pretty old, so most of you wouldn't know them. I only got 6/26 which is 23%. I didn't guess on the ones I had no idea. I only marked the ones I knew for sure.

    qwerty123 Jun 14 '14, 4:12PM
  • I've never heard of any of those shows other than full house! how about YOU try doing something from Disney channel?!?!
    this quiz was dumb

    Bob Is Fat May 30 '14, 8:31PM
  • F***ki just got a 12 f*****g piece of b******t

    Rubenfifa May 26 '14, 8:37AM
  • its kinda borin'

    tashi zangmu Mar 14 '14, 12:50PM
  • I agree with riley styles. I got 4%, and I love full house to.

    ilovepuppyz Jan 19 '14, 12:23AM
  • I only answered the Reba one

    Jeffresonthecat Jan 1 '14, 11:39PM
  • I got a bad score and I don't like what you put for that. I have feelings, too! ='(

    Jazzy0627 Sep 15 '13, 12:57AM
  • Who awnsred the Cheers theme one because of Ice King? 'Cuse I did.

    MikuMikuRin Aug 19 '13, 1:07PM
  • 4% at that's just cuz I love Full House. But you need to put up a warning that says 75 and older ok? cuz this is to hard 4 the kinda ppl that are on this site, got it?

    Riley Styles Aug 10 '13, 12:33AM
  • 0% I own a big HD TV and my family is practically kind of rich so u can't be asking me if I live under a rock. My questions is what kind of shows do you watch like what the heck. I have watched Reba but not in a long time does that still come on???? Whatever I didn't like the quiz u should put shows that r in now.

    Alygirl9000 May 22 '13, 11:15AM

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