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  • are you like...80.... i knew some but i knew full house,thats 70 show and familly matters but i dont even know the theme songs..

    scolionophobia Feb 19 '12, 8:41PM
  • WTF MAN! like im only 11 and your putting tv programs tht not even cavemen would watch gawd r u sum sort of poshie cus this quiz was rubbish! dont expect anyone to get above 40 percent and i only got 8

    flossie800 Jan 6 '12, 4:11PM
  • This is bad i dont like it nOt hattin but yeah im barely 11 not 80

    ICONiac16 Dec 27 '11, 2:09PM
  • u_attractive_40

    Lil hihi Nov 27 '11, 4:58PM
  • omg i only got 1 right xDDDD that one was that 70s show xDD

    You cant balme meh! im only 10 xDDDDDDDDDDD

    kaila Nov 27 '11, 2:18PM
  • haha i got the same as last time!

    gimmegame78 Nov 26 '11, 11:55PM
  • lol i got 8 percent.

    gimmegame78 Nov 26 '11, 11:54PM

  • yo u_a_mean_person_6

    Lil hihi Nov 26 '11, 1:33PM
  • SUCKISH quiz these r so old

    Lil hihi Nov 25 '11, 7:39PM
  • Link17 lol o wow I got 31% the last one was easy

    Lil hihi Nov 25 '11, 7:36PM
  • Lol I only knew one of them!

    Link17 Nov 1 '11, 6:36PM
  • 27 percent worst wuiz dude these shows are old man like really put some cartoons atleast

    wizzy will Aug 24 '11, 8:12PM
  • i knew 2!!! woo hoo!!!! somehow, i guessed others correctly and got27%

    Yellasplitzer287 Aug 24 '11, 12:13AM
  • i couldnt remember any of these songs. Maybe cuz i wasnt watchin any of them. i got 8%

    gimmegame78 Aug 19 '11, 11:18AM
  • I got 19% lol.

    adnin617 Aug 16 '11, 6:52PM
  • dede star, you suck nobody even likes justin bieber!!!!!

    susanfalcon Apr 24 '11, 8:00PM
  • Excuse you, but you must be living under a rock because, first of all, i guest on every answer and i have read each question and they all were the most dumbest and oldest shows ever!!!!! That is not something anybody loves... or likes!!!!

    susanfalcon Apr 24 '11, 7:58PM
  • You know what, some of these shows are not on TV no more! Besides alot of those shows we dont watch,because it is BORING!

    pancake098 Apr 24 '11, 10:14AM
  • this is a stupid quiz :(

    lovepeace8 Feb 26 '11, 1:14PM
  • It would be nice if I ever knew one of these shows u b----

    Bumblebee123 Feb 23 '11, 5:35PM
  • the only 2 i knw was full house and that 70 show....and thats cuz of my g-ma!.....

    Autumn_n_Tay Feb 6 '11, 4:25PM
  • i have just done the guess the theme song and it is a load of crap and also i scored 15% and it said that i dont have a t.v i have and i was just clicking on anything and i dont watch that old stuff so it is a load of rubbish. whoeva made it needs 2 get a life

    smithy Nov 10 '10, 8:07AM

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