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  • Would you survive candor initiation?
    [published: Jun 22, 2015]

    Candor is the faction in the divergent world that values honestly. In the candor initiation,…

  • Would you survive dauntless initiation?
    [published: Jun 22, 2015, 4 comments]

    Dauntless is the divergemt world's faction thst believes in bravery. If you are an…

  • How well do you know Divergent? (book)
    [published: Jun 18, 2015]

    This is thee ultimate Divergent test. The questions on here are fairly easy, but they…

  • Are you Beatrice or Tobias?
    [published: Apr 19, 2015]

    Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton are the two main protagonists in the divergent series. Their…

  • How Erudite Are You?
    [published: Apr 10, 2015]

    We submit the following statements as truth: "Ignorance" is defined not as stupidity but as lack of…

  • How Candor Are You?
    [published: Apr 9, 2015]

    Dishonesty Is Rampant. Dishonesty Is Temporary. Dishonesty Makes Evil Possible. This is a piece of the…

  • How Dauntless Are You
    [published: Apr 4, 2015, 1 comment]

    The dauntless are a group of people in Veronica Roth's best selling novel Divergent who value bravery, and…

  • How Amity Are You?
    [published: Jan 18, 2015, 5 comments]

    Here Is My Amity Quiz. I Really Hope You Enjoy Taking It! Be Sure To Tell Me What Faction I Should Quiz…

  • How Abnegation Are You?
    [published: Dec 18, 2014]

    How Selfless Are You? Many People Claim There Abnegation Worthy But Few Pass The Test. Test You Generous…

  • Faction Quiz.
    [published: Oct 28, 2014, 2 comments]

    Divergent Fans Get Ready, For The Ultimate Faction Quiz.... …

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