How well do you know Divergent? (book)

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This is thee ultimate Divergent test. The questions on here are fairly easy, but they take time to think about. This quiz is a slower quiz and requires more thought then most.

Divergent is a dysfunction/utopian novel about a girl, Tris, who has strong mental willpower and a unique story in her imperfect community. That was a lame description but whatever. ;-)

Created by: Wendee30
  1. What is the main idea of chapter thirteen?
  2. What three things were Beatrice known for amongst the dauntless?
  3. What color was the serum injected for the attack simulation?
  4. During choosing ceremony, Marcus stated that the faction system was a _______.
  5. Which is Tobias's famous book quote?
  6. How many pages are there in the book?
  7. Which is the correct ordered sequence?
  8. I laugh shakily. "You're a little scary, Four." "Do me a favor," He says. "Don't call me that" "What should I call you then?" What does Four tell Tris to call him?
  9. Four instructed the initiates that the chasm reminded them of the fine line between bravery, and ______
  10. Tris claimed that _____ had carrot orange hair
  11. Christina was afraid of?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Divergent? (book)