How well do you know Divergent + actors?

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You know that amazing movie called Divergent? Hey what about the book? They are quite amazing... so amazing that you may want to know every single thing about them! Right? Right.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Divergent? Do you think your Divergent's biggest fan? Are you a true Divergent fan? Yes? Time to find out.

Created by: Sasha Michael

  1. Who is the actress that plays Beatrice(Tris) Prior?
  2. Why is Tobias Eaton's nickname Four?
  3. Who gave Tobias Eaton the nickname Four?
  4. Whos the actor that plays Tobias(Four) Eaton?
  5. What three factions did Beatrice have a result for? (Aptitude Test)
  6. What is it called when you don't belong in any faction? Your...
  7. Who is the leader of Erudite that wants all Divergents eliminated?
  8. Put the letters in order for the values of each faction. 1.)Dauntless 2.)Abnegation 3.)Candor 4.)Amity 5.)Erudite A.Honesty B.Bravery C.Selflessness D.Intelligence E.Peace
  9. When can the Abnegation look in the mirror?
  10. What is the name of Beatrice's brother?
  11. What faction did Beatrice's brother choose at the Choosing Ceremony?
  12. What represents Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony?
  13. Where did the Choosing Ceremony take place?
  14. What is the sign for Dauntless?
  15. What is the sign for Candor?
  16. What is the sign for Abnegation?
  17. What is the sign for Amity?
  18. What is the sign for Erudite?
  19. What is the name of the female main character?
  20. What is the name if the male main character?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Divergent + actors?