Would you survive candor initiation?

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Candor is the faction in the divergent world that values honestly. In the candor initiation, you must be honest, and brave and inexplicable . See how well you would do by taking the following quiz.

If you believe that the truth makes you transparent , strong, and inextricable, then candor in its it on might be adequate for you. take my quiz to see if you would pass candor initiation

Created by: Wendee30

  1. What do you believe can fix a faulted foundation?
  2. On what grounds to do stand to protect yourself?
  3. Do you often feel ashamed when around a particular friend and not feel worthy of their friendship ?
  4. Do you have skeletons in your closet?
  5. Do you like to be noticed?
  6. Someone comes up to you and tells you that you are ugly. How do you handle the situation?
  7. Would you say you are more frank, or reserved when you speak to someone?
  8. Typically, do you act before you think, or think before you act? .
  9. Are you considered a suspicious person?
  10. Are you one to treat others according to how they act, or how you would like to be treated .

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