How Amity Are You?

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Here Is My Amity Quiz. I Really Hope You Enjoy Taking It! Be Sure To Tell Me What Faction I Should Quiz Next In The Comments And Enjoy Yourself.

P.S I Really Don't Think I Did As Good On This One As I Did The Other ones. And Also Try My Faction Quiz. To See If Your Aptitudes Match Up.1 2 3

Created by: Wendee30
  1. Are You More Likely To Start A fight Or End One.
  2. Choose A Sport.
  3. You Are Waiting In Line For The Drinking Fountain And A Snotty Little Boy Walks In Front Of You On Your Turn. You.
  4. Hunting Is.
  5. You Are An...
  6. Choose What Faction You Find To Be The Most Like Amity.
  7. Choose A Career.
  8. Choose A Wepon.
  9. Your Friends Would Say You Are.
  10. When Friend Fight You....

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Quiz topic: How Amity am I?