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  • Your Result: Male Identified 85%

    You follow the male stereotype. The majority of male identified people are likely to be very similar to you. Your gender is whatever you label it as however, and despite this quiz's results, you can identify however feels comfortable for you.

    This is about right. I do dress closely to my birth gender as possible. However, I do paint my Nails. Which is considered Female by society. I love painting my Nails. It makes me, so happy when my Nails are painted.

  • Lol I identify as a woman and I am a woman physically. Cisgender and all that. Yet I got 95% male identifying. I laughed. I've always been a tomboy and not cared at all about girl things. Doesn't mean I don't identify cis though.

  • Male identified,lol I do act like a boy alot more than a girl but I prefer to be called as a girl sense I'm happy with my gender I was born with but cool quiz anyways mate.

  • I know I'm mostly female but i vary from day to day as a butchy emo lesbian to a femme emo lesbian to a femme soft girl kinda lesbian. I don't think I'm gender fluid but I'm not always the cis girl people see me as. I liked the quiz bc it put me on a spectrum and i think it was pretty accurate! Email me at [no emails] if you know what that's called i guess.

  • Gender neutral. Correct.

  • I agree with my resut as 90% female. I am transgender male to female and I can say first hand me fully transitioning was the best day of my life. I am extremely feminine now and no regrets on my transition.

  • I think I’m genderfluid I was born as a female also I’m a teenager and I’m not out of the closet yet even though some people already know about how I’m feeling and I hate having bø0bs I really want a flat chest but I can’t get a chest binder I am so confused sometimes I feel like a guy sometimes I feel like a girl sometimes I feel like neither sometimes I feel like both at the same time I’m so confused and I can’t tell my parents because Ik they wouldn’t support :( so I need your guys help how can I get a chest binder about them knowing and how can I get like genderfluid pins and stuff

  • You're mentally ill and/or an intellectual midget if you think "identifying" as another gender makes it so.

    There are TWO GENDERS. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Get over yourself and get some help and stop trying to promote this morally relativist socially nihilist garbage.

    • This is the saddest attempt at wanting to sound intelligent that I've seen in a hot minute.

      It correlates well that you have no clue the meanings of the words "sex" and "gender", also the DSM-V has been repeatedly refuted as being outdated and incorrect (hence, why it's a continuously updated project to match changing information). Please look into this topic more than simply watching the news for 30-minutes, or taking an Intro to Psychology course. You have a lot to learn.

  • It said I was gender neutral and I feel that fits me very well. I've been struggling to find out what my gender is and this did help me a lot.

    Triple A
  • i dont like these kinds of quizzes bc they force a gender identity onto ppl. but im not homophobic, actually im lesbian. ur basically telling ppl that they are this just because they like this. im a tomboy but just bc i like sports and not girly things doesnt mean im trans. plz, delete this or at the very least add smth at the end saying that it may be wrong or smth similar to that. u should NEVER say that someone is male, female, nonbinary, etc just because of their opinions and interests. these are the types of things that pressure young kids into feeling like they HAVE to be smth theyre not. but its up to them.

  • This quiz gave me a good, accurate result... gender neutral.

    • heyyyyyy qibli!!!!!! it's ur future selffffff :)

      uhhh turns out ur trans :)

  • I've been thinking of using she/him pronouns and I think I'm bigender but honestly I feel like I'm too dumb to understand anything about myself.

    • Aw, try to to feel like that! If you feel bigender and that doesnt change after a while, then thats probably who you are. I myself have been thinking of using certain pronouns, they/them, he/him and she/her. So I think I am trigender. :D

  • Im queen as he'll love girly things I've mini skirts. Hi tights an love to suck cocktail it should called me Ronda but it said I was guy I think I'm girly I know I am

    Ronda girl
  • I got mostly female, and I do feel MOSTLY female, but I feel non-binary and a little bit of male in me. I feel like sort of: 69.9% Female, 25% Non-binary, and about 5.1% male. This probably doesn't make any sense, so pleaseeee someone help ME understand.

  • hate gender quizzes that use derogatory terms towards transgendered and gender variant people?

    whats your gender: male or female?
    God this whole quiz is just hatespeech

  • this quiz actually helped me a lot. i believe i still have a long way to go before figuring out my gender and sexuality. but thanks to this quiz i am much closer to figuring out the whole gender thing :)

  • Im still lost on myself but at least this gives me a roughed out view on the fact I'm not insane that I feel more than just female :3

  • both 83%, i feel this is very accurate, i was born female, but never felt truly one, thought i was trans for a while, then wasn't, and currently confused and alone about who i really am.

  • I'm not sure what I am cuz I'm fine being a girl but still want to be a boy. I'm a total tomboy but I feel like a boy more than a girl sometimes. I dont like having a chest at all but I'm ok with everything else. I dont dress like a girl but I dont dress like a boy either. I dont think I'm gender neutral cuz I still identify as a girl even though I want to be a boy sometimes. Can someone help me..?

    • You might be bi-gender? I know 4 months is a long time for a reply, but I also know how bad it can feel to not know where you belong or if you belong at all. Hopefully you found something before this comment but if you didn't I hope this can help. If bi-gender doesn't sit right with you there is also genderfluid.

  • Female identified, 78%

    Well, that just convinced me even more. And it actually makes me happy if Im being honest.

  • Since I am a lifelong MTF crossdresser, this result does not surprise me terribly. Sometimes I feel girly and sometimes I feel the gender that I was born.

  • I think I'm agender... But again I'm not sure, as i don't want to seem like I'm 'just trying to be special or quirky'

  • Gender neutral 88%

    Bro I'm still confused but this is making me feel less fake

    remember lads, gender is boring

  • Im a pigeon

  • Both - 77%

    I am genderfluid, I just couldn't figure out what exactly I was feeling TODAY.


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