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  • 68% male identified, 60% both, and 46% female identified.
    interes ting.

    romannnn Jul 10 '18, 4:34AM
  • It says that I'm 89% Gender Neutral, Female and Male. I guess its true, my top half has always felt male every day since I was 13 and my bottom half is mostly female, being female sucks sometimes

    BigenderGirl Jun 26 '16, 10:40AM
  • Excuse me?! Male! I'm a girl! But true.

    beetle45 Jan 1 '16, 12:43PM
  • Both - 77%

    I am genderfluid, I just couldn't figure out what exactly I was feeling TODAY.

    tonkingdragon Nov 21 '15, 3:23PM
  • both 77%
    true- i am gender-fluid, haveing 3 genders- male, female, and agender

    quiztakergirl0 Oct 24 '15, 4:39PM
  • I'm a girl. And it said I'm more Male. TRUE

    beetle45 Sep 2 '15, 2:11PM
  • It says both XD Cool quiz

    Jinx Blackclaw Mar 26 '15, 1:01PM
  • Both... Sorry but physically that isn't correct... I think. Good try though!

    Cvm88888 Mar 16 '15, 11:09PM
  • Gender neutral. Correct.

    Scuttlist Nov 8 '14, 4:36AM
  • It said I am both. Lol I am a girl but sometimes I act a lot like a boy. I am both, I guess because I love playing video games and wear makeup

    Rin Kagamine Aug 4 '14, 10:06AM
  • Gender neutral

    You follow the neither the male or female stereotype very closely. The majority of male and female identified people are likely to have some similarities to you but not many. This could mean you could share some characteristics of both, or be completely neutral. Your gender is whatever you label it as however, and despite this quiz's results, you can identify however feels comfortable for you.


    5%Female Identified

    4%Male Identified

    DerpySquid Jul 16 '14, 2:58AM
  • Dude for life

    Craig Johnson Jul 15 '14, 3:20PM
  • Haha I'm a girl but identify as a boy! *1%. How ironic...

    Jessapeak_ Jun 8 '14, 11:46PM
  • Lol I identify as a woman and I am a woman physically. Cisgender and all that. Yet I got 95% male identifying. I laughed. I've always been a tomboy and not cared at all about girl things. Doesn't mean I don't identify cis though.

    rascal Jun 1 '14, 2:59PM

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