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Thread Topic: Original Character Introductions

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    LadyHeph Advanced
    Full Name: Hephaestus Guinevere La'Fae
    Nicknames: Heph
    Age: A couple hundred, she's been alive before the unification of Nomia.
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Species: Fyrian Fire demon/ Ancestor cross.
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Powers: Has multiple shapeshifting forms that include a small house cat all the way to her true form, a cat demon the size of a car made of pure flames. She's also able to conjure and manipulate fire, and is a fairly capable witch bc of her ancestor blood.

    [Oh boy here we go, I'm only doing the most used relationships]
    Raider- husband [dead, probably]
    Twisted- ex
    Edward- we don't talk about it
    Rontu Aru- son
    Winter Cold- son
    Rehtaeh- clone/daughter
    Lucifer- son
    Lilith- daughter
    Britta- daughter
    Vale- son
    Nene- daughter
    Warren- son
    Arinn Hiro- older brother
    Kael Akete- older brother [twin to arinn]
    Janna- Younger sister
    Hale- Younger sister [Twin to janna]
    Guinevere La'Fae- mother
    Razkaos- father
    Curiousity- Uncle [mothers side]
    Sunlil- Aunt [fathers side]
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    LadyHeph Advanced
    [Oh, might help to add appearance since pfp is wrong]
    Appearance: She's short, with messy curly orange-red hair and bright green eyes that are cat like in shape. She has a ton of freckles on her fair skin, and though she's petite, shes very lithe and agile, making up for her lack of height with inhuman strength.
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    LilyMyth Advanced
    Full name: Lily Myth Elric
    Nicknames: None
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her
    Sexual Orientation: pansexual
    Species: Half human, half Fyrian Fire demon.
    Powers: None, except the alchemy she learned herself. She inherited no powers from her mother beyond healing fast.
    Appearance: Short like both her parents, with freckles like her mom, but she has her father's gold eyes and blonde hair.

    Heph- mom
    Edward- dad
    Lucifer- half brother
    Lilith- half sister
    [And all of Heph's other kids are half siblings or adopted siblings]
    Leto- pet
    Enby- pet
    Inn- mentor
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    Chiyoko Newbie
    Full Name: Chiyoko Himura
    Nicknames: n/a
    Birthday: May 26
    Age: 90
    Sign: Gemini
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: she/her
    Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
    Romantic Orientation: panromantic
    Religious Affiliation: Atheism
    Species: Lion Demon
    Nationality: Japanese
    Race: Black
    Neurodiversions: n/a
    Physical Disabilities: n/a
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 143 lbs
    Body Modifications: pierced ears
    Occupation: freelance technician, waitress
    Languages Spoken: English, Japanese

    Zion - husband
    Jaygora - boyfriend
    Chevelle - child
    Amaya - daughter
    Jin - daughter
  • Mason Ivanov Experienced
    Full Name: Mason Jade Ivanov
    Nicknames: n/a
    Birthday: November 28
    Age: 21
    Sign: Sagittarius
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Pronouns: he/him
    Sexual Orientation: questioning
    Romantic Orientation: questioning
    Religious Affiliation: Atheism
    Species: Human
    Nationality: American
    Race: White
    Neurodiversions: n/a
    Physical Disabilities: hearing impaired
    Height: 6′4
    Weight: 198 lbs
    Body Modifications: septum piercing
    Occupation: demon hunter, technician
    Languages Spoken: English, Shinesque

    Sonia - mother
    Matt - father
    Sehei - boyfriend
    Nate - best friend
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    OlliePop Newbie
    Full name: Oliver Amboise
    Nickname: Ollie, Strawberry, Olliepop.
    Age: Died at 19, Currently around 110.
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Genderfluid
    Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them.
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Romantic Orientation: Aromantic
    Species: Demon
    Nationality: French
    Nuerodiversions: PTSD, Anxiety, Sensory aversions.
    Physical Disabilities: Underdeveloped because of malnourishment as a child.
    Height: 5'0
    Weight: 100 lb
    Body Modifications: as an ex-yakuza he has many tattooed across his torso, upper arms, and back. He also has three piercings in each ear, nipple piercings, and one on his brow.
    Occupation: Sex Worker

    Prisira- close friend
    Helryss- frenemies
    Yingtai- mentor/client
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    Lamia Novice
    Full name: Irathel Alshirasha'l

    Nicknames: Lamia, The Master, Baba Yaga

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Irathel is a tall woman (6'1) with straight, back length ebony hair. Her eyes are normally dark brown, but when she casts they turn violet.

    Abilities: Shapeshifting, blood manipulation, charms, and illusions. Can form blood into weapons and familiars.

    Weaknesses: Her magic is weakened by quick healing spells and potions, as she must make a person bleed to manipulate their blood. Most effective potions are strong coagulants. Like Vaal her magic is also weakened in the presence of holy symbols or artifacts.

    Bio: Irathel was trained by Vaal Blackheart, a rather unsavory wizard. Vaal gave her the magical tome Anthology which ruined her life entirely. The energies for her magic must be replenished by abducting children. After abducting a child she must kill them and partake of their blood.

    Vaal: Mentor, friend

    Guilt: A sickly, abused child that Irathel abducted when she needed to feed. She couldn't bring herself to kill the child and abducted another. She took care of the girl for the rest of her life, before she fell to her illnesses.

    Desire: A stranger apparition that hangs around Irathel. Most likely a familiar. This spirit comforts Irathel and protects her when times are most dire.
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    Full Name: The Lord of Autumn
    Nicknames: Lord Autumn, Fall.
    Gender: Male
    Pronouns: He/him or they/them
    Species: There's no real name for it, he's an entity that personifies the decay of Autumn.
    Appearance: A tall, slender, sickly pale man who perpetually wears a deer skull mask, with long warm brown hair in a long braid down his back.
    Abilities: He can slow/halt/speed up the process of decay, bring back the dead for a high cost, and cast varying spells.


    Lady of Winter- old friend
    Maiden of Spring- A little sister of sorts
    Prophet of Autumn- rival
    Prince of Summer- they think of them as a friend, Summer sees Fall as a rival.
    Scarlet- Familiar
    Elizabeth- adopted daughter/ apprentice
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    Keyboard Novice
    Full Name: Addison Rose Fuller
    Nicknames: Addi, SugarGirl
    Birthday: September 15
    Age: 13
    Sign: Virgo
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: she/her
    Sexual Orientation: Queer
    Religious Affiliation: None, but she’s spiritual
    Species: Angel
    Nationality: American
    Race: White
    Physical Disabilities: Flying and healing (emotionally not physically)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 93 pounds
    Body Modifications: donut tattoo on wrist
    Occupation: band singer
    Languages Spoken: English, spanish, sign language, and a language Taylor made up

    Taylor- friend
    Brooke- girlfriend
    Angelina- mom
    Halo- dad
    Silas- friend
    Eggaly- friend
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    Keyboard Novice
    *band guitarist not singer
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    TheStageBeast Newbie
    Full Name: Evangeline Lemond
    Nicknames: Eve, Beast, Eva, etc.
    Gender: Female
    Sex: ???
    Age: Pretty dang old
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Species: Hybrid
    Appearance: Current pfp, she's quite short
    Abilities: Light (or sun) related things (e.g. creating blinding flashes of light, searing hot lazer beams, etc.) and occasionally telekinesis.


    Ollie - Friend
    Nothing else so far
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    Name: Azure
    Birthday: August 6
    Age: 3
    Gender: male
    Species: Draco Raptor(basically a large raptor(dino) with horns, fur and can breath fire)
    Height: 4"3' at his shoulder
    Weight: 78 lbs
    Occupation: therapy animal/small people(children) guard
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    Tater_Tot Newbie
    ( Ok, I did not mean for this account to become a character, but it looks like it has so . . . )

    Name: Tater Tot
    Appearance: like one of the tasty figures in my pic
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    Elincia Newbie
    Full name: Elincia Flora
    Nicknames: lady Flora
    Gender: female
    Age: 12007
    Pronouns: she/her
    Species: an avmorian
    Appearance: pfp
    Abilities: immortality and levitation

    auluvin - boyfriend (deceased)
    Rin - stalker loyal follower
    Florian - father
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    Lailah Novice
    Full name: Lailah
    True name: Sariel
    Age: [Not sure]
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her
    Species: Fallen Angel [Formerly and Archangel]
    Abilities: Typical Angel skills, able to seal other's powers.

    Other: She was an archangel in service to God, and close to Michael, before the fallout with Lucifer and his brothers. After they left, she decided to give up her title and go to earth for a while. She faked her disappearance, only letting Michael know where she was, as she asked him to take Simeon and Luke into his service.
    She's since come back to heaven, and become close with Luke and Simeon, as an angel named Lailah. And now she's in the exchange program alongside them.

    Lucifer- friend?
    Michael- close friend
    Diavolo- acquaintances
    Luke- little brother
    Simeon- little brother

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