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  • A Rift in the Void
    "God damn my arms hurt maybe all the exposed muscle was a mistakes"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Partway done with base shading"
  • Escapism
    "Pharaohs voice trailed off when they noticed her watching "yes?""
  • Lost in a storm
    ""My name is Pire!" The shifter chirped happily as he sat down next to the fire, keeping an eye on the soup "what are your names?"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Thank f--- ive got the lineart done now to decided what shading style i want to use"
  • 1x1 rp
    "He gave her a mildly confused look but nodded"
  • 1x1 rp
    "Sgrios nodded, rubbing his hands together "hopefully theres not. I dont think i have enough magic tp push one away at this ppont"
  • Pirate Soap
    "Nixie smiled brightly as she walked into the bar, having to bend down to get through the doorway as she did. She looked around the room, hum..."
  • "Gineye visiably relaxed when Finn was healed, tilting his head to look at Sin"
  • 1x1 rp
    "Sgrios hummed softly "ive had to deal with them a few times"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Why the heck am i awake"
  • Tbh me please
    "You have a lot of confidence issues and you often put yourself down, but your very sweet and can stand up for your friends if needed"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Well i guess that explains why my hands hurt"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Jesus f--- ive been working on this for 12 hours?!?! Im not even half done with the line art?!?"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Hands hurty"

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