Original Character Introductions

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Thread Topic: Original Character Introductions

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    Devil Kid Novice
    Type: Human with wings?!
    Weapon: A demon-eye ring
    Position: Protagonist
    Evil, Good or neutral: neutral
    Personality: Dark and cool
    Appearance: he has flame red hair and black and red eyes with black feathered wings.
    ( Add a bio if you want )
    He was a being from another dimension transported here as a punishment from the gods
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    Noxesis Novice
    Name: Noxesis
    Deity of: music, the night, rivers
    Other Titles: Lunar, Skarra
    Gender: Agender
    Associated Symbols: dark blue, rushing water, deer, silk
    Make offerings of: song, plant flowers or trees in or around the altar, dolls with sentimental value
    Appears as: a deer-like creature with pointed limbs, four pitch-black eyes, and many horns protruding from its head
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    Name- ErrorIvory
    Gender- male
    Character info- a former scientist that was assimilated into a Nanite swarm, creating the rouge AI known as Error. A wild card, Error doesnt have many morals amd the few he has only apply to close friends.
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    Desu Za Kiddo Newbie
    Name: Death The Kid
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Classification: Meister, Immature Death God (Anime)
    Meister Type: Gun-Type Meister
    Status: Alive
    Weakness: OCPD obsessed with Symmetry
    Height: about 5 feet, 2 inches
    Death the Kid was born from a fragment of Death's own soul to have a death god who was able to move freely. In an effort to ensure he doesn't turn out much like Asura, he was purposely born with a childish nature so he may learn fear much like humans would and was given incomplete Lines Of Sanzu.
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    Keyboard Junior
    Name: Brianna Nicole
    Species: Witch
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sweet, quirky, and fun
    Other: She has a pet ghost named Blook (short for Nabstablook from Undertale) and can turn into a black cat. She goes by Bri, short for Brianna.
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    name: Ashley
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    Emolady23456 Newbie
    Name: Misty
    Gender: Female
    Sign: Gemini
    Siblings: 1 her twin
    Hair style: in a bun
    Hair color: aqua
    Country: China
    Speices: goddess
    Favorite color: pink purple and blue
    Eye color: baby blue
    Earrings: yes
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    Emolady23456 Newbie
    Age: 20
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    Name: Ivy
    Gender: Female
    Age: Sixteen years old.
    Species: Wolftaur
    Appearance: She has long, silky ginger hair. She has forest green eyes, along with small hearts as pupils.
    Personality: Sweet, talkative, stubborn, loyal, sensitive, and calm.
    Other: She can read minds, imagination, etc.
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    Gacha_Summer Newbie
    Full Name: Summer Davis
    Nicknames: Sum
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: 21
    Sign: Capricorn
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Non-Binary
    Pronouns: They/Them
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
    Religious Affiliation: None
    Species: Wolf-Angel
    Nationality: American
    Race: White
    Neurodiversions: Anxiety
    Physical Disabilities: N/A
    Body Modifications: None
    Occupation: Teacher
    Languages Spoken: English, French, Sign language

    Kaylee-Adopted Sister
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    Emowoman Novice
    Name- Ocean
    Age- 17
    Sign- pices
    Species- Human
    Sexuality- bi, trans
    Pronouns- they they're
    Languages spoken- Korean Japanese Chinese French Sign language English
    Mother- ???
    Father- ???
    Wife- Lexi
    Sister- Icy
    Brother-in-law- Rust
    Daughter- Lacy
    Son- Julius

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