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  • Death City
    "she hates it I do too"
  • Death City
    "teaching Diamond about her work on an IXL program Disgusting work"
  • "oh and it is my first day back at school ( prison ) teacher is miss turner shes alright"
  • Do TBHs about me
    "you are mature friendly and you are brilliant at rps you are sweet and i consider you as a friend"
  • "they aint stopping me but they didnt tell me why hatred and sorrow is power, they are for you to control-sebastian michaelis how"
  • "Kiss all of you ( even though I’m a girl ). If anyone calls me Ava I’m going to 🔥"
  • Hi!
    "I took it too and oops I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ava ( don’t call me that call me Draco, Kid, Yato or Yukine )."
  • bubbles
    "Might watch that"
  • bubbles
    "Which anime is she from? I am currently watching Noragami ( the anime that Yukine and Yato are from ). But I’ve been recommended to wa"
  • Chameleon Country
    "I lost count of time and forgot today was Saturday"
  • A RP
    "( do you want to be the sorceress) He walked along the path until he stood in front of the castle. “ it looks cool but evil.”"
  • Hi!
    "Level up to novice make a pointless quiz. But after that make good quizzes"
  • Chameleon Country
    "Hello ChameleonLeap and Spoon I’m bored"
  • bubbles
    "Kid is my pfp. So do you crush on any anime people ( or is it just me? ) ?"
  • Hi!
    "Welcome! Brilliant place to chat to people. I’m about to delete my threads but click on the Discord and useful links and there is a 24 hour "

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